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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Unit Table of Contents for INBs with SBG Skills List, Built-In Dividers, and Mastery Tracking Sheet

So, that was an unexpected break from blogging.  My body decided it was a good time to catch a cold, and I decided that meant I should take a real rest.  I've got a trip planned later this week, but I'm hoping to get back to posting stuff and making plans for the new year on a regular basis.  It's so hard to believe that it is already July!  It feels like my summer just started a couple of weeks ago.

I've had several requests to share the template I'm using for my table of contents pages / SBG skills lists this year.  (I posted my Algebra 2 SBG skills list several weeks ago.)  I'm uploading them to Box as editable publisher files.  But, you will need to make sure you have several fonts downloaded on your computer in order for them to load properly.  (I download all of my free fonts from Font Squirrel.)

You will need:
* Architects Daughter
* College
* ChunkFive Roman
* Ostrich Sans

Next, I guess I should explain how I'm changing up my table of contents pages for this year.  For the past two years, I've used an individual table of contents for each unit that has worked really well.  But, I've found that teaching some kids how to use this well has not been a priority, and many of my students struggle with knowing what to write on the table of contents.  Other students seem to fill them out and use them with no problem whatsoever and no prompting from me.  

The Entire Template

For this next year, I am going to make it simpler on my students by giving up on my old page numbering and structuring system.  Students will mark where each SBG skill starts and stops in their notebooks.  This will be different for each kid since each kid has a different size and style of handwriting.  Some students will want to include more details.  Others will take bare bones notes.  All I ask is that they number each page and record the starting and stopping pages on their table of contents.  

Area for Students to Record Current Skill Mastery on A/B/Not Yet Scale

The table of contents are formatted to fold over the notebook pages for that unit AND produce tab dividers at the same time.  I'm stealing the idea of folding table of contents from a blog reader who sent me a picture of her notebook pages she was working on for the next year.  I'm taking her idea and adding the dividers aspect.  

Hoping these lines will help students glue/fold the template in the right places to make dividers for each unit in their INBs.

There is also a section for students to record their scores for each SBG skill.  I require students to retake each quiz until they earn an A or a B.  Therefore, my students need to keep up with what quizzes they have passed and which ones they need to study for and retake.  I am going to require students to fill in their tracking sheets EACH time I pass back quizzes.  

Warning - I've been on holiday, so I have actually printed these out and tried them yet.  I may be back to the drawing board soon.  But, you can definitely just steal the skills list aspect from the file and delete the parts you don't want.  

Skills List / Table of Contents

Download an editable copy of my SBG skills list table of contents and mastery tracking sheet here

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Student Made Algebra Foldables 2014-2015

On the day after the EOI, I gave my Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 students a project that I've used before: design your own interactive notebook page.  This time around, I made a few changes.  I asked them to think about something that would have been helpful to have in their notes to study for their EOI.  The test was fresh in their minds and so was whatever concepts they had struggled with.

They had to either choose something that wasn't include in our notebook pages or take a notebook page I had created for them and make it better in some substantial way.  This year's twist? Students had to have their rough draft approved by me before they could start on their final draft.  This led to (I think) a lot more thoughtful pages.  I was able to spot some student misconceptions along the way, too.  Plus, I was able to tell a lot of students that they needed more examples or remind them that they needed to include some sort of graphic organizer or foldable.  I sent several students back to the drawing board, and I felt okay with doing this because I knew that this was only a rough draft.

Some students were a little sneaky and didn't let me approve their rough drafts.  In the future, I would give them some sort of planning/signature page where I had to sign off on the project at various stages.  Remember - these are student created pages.  There are mistakes.  There are very vague and misleading directions.

I'm posting these as inspiration for you to use in your classroom.  Take a student idea and make it better.  There are a lot of these, so I'll post them over multiple days to avoid totally overloading you with photos.

Conic Sections Foldable - I'm not going to post the inside because it is barely legible.

Completing the Square Notes

Geometric Sequences and Series

Rationalizing the Denominator Foldable

Conic Sections: Circles

Calculator Steps Foldable

Stem and Leaf Plot Notes

Conic Section Foldable

Completing the Square Notes

Box and Whisker Plot Poster

Divide Polynomials Using the Box Method

Probability Notes

Quadratic Functions