Math = Love: New y=mx+b Foldable

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New y=mx+b Foldable

Yesterday, I finally introduced my Algebra 1 students to y = mx + b.  I have had several students who have been really anxious to get to this part of the chapter.  These are students who are taking Algebra 1 for the second time or have moved in from another school district.  Most of my students, however, have never seen this before in their lives.

Last Saturday, as I was "teaching" Saturday School, I came up with the idea for this foldable.  I say "teaching" because all I really did was help one student with EOI practice questions and teach two other students how to do KenKen puzzles.  (And, if you haven't signed up for the KenKen teachers program, you totally should.  They will e-mail you a ton of new puzzles each week!  I like to use these for early finishers or that class that finishes ten minutes faster than all of your other classes.  It is great mental math practice which is something my students definitely need.  And, it's building their critical thinking skills.  All the students I have done them with so far have loved them.  I've found that if I show my kids this three minute video, they can complete these puzzles with little assistance.  I always start them off on 3 X 3 puzzles, and they will let you know when they are ready to go up to a larger puzzle!)   

I want to say that this foldable is original.  But, I so rarely come up with something that is completely my own.  So if it's not original and you came up with this, please let me know so I can link back to a source.

Slope Intercept Foldable
y = mx + b
y equals mx plus b
Outside of Foldable

Inside of tabs reminding students what the m and b stand for in Slope Intercept Form.
y=mx+b Foldable

Slope Intercept Foldable with all Tabs Open
This is the actual color of paper I used.  I don't know why it didn't come through in all my pictures. 
I used this lesson as an opportunity to circle back once again to independent and dependent variables. 

Most of my students are still struggling with converting equations into Slope Intercept Form.  So, we'll be working more on that today.

Here's a pdf of my foldable template.  It's not the most elegant template, but it worked.   This is sized to fit in our notebook sideways with extra room to write several sentences worth of notes.  If you are not doing interactive notebooks, I would suggest making it slightly larger so you will have more space to write inside.

I still need to take a picture of it inside our notebook with the notes to share. 


  1. Used this today, loved it! Thanks!!!

  2. I've been teaching math for 12 years and don't remember seeing anything like it. Love it! Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I think this was one of the few ideas I didn't steal from another blog...

  3. This was a great idea!

  4. Do you think students could benefit from having a word problem broken down on the back of the flaps such as "The cost of a night of bowling was $3 per game plus $4 shoe rental?"

    1. Absolutely! I need to do a better job of incorporating word problems throughout the year! Great idea!

  5. Thanks so much! I started using foldables toward the end of last semester and they really made class way more fun and interactive. :-)

    1. You're welcome! Glad you and your students are enjoying the foldables! So fun!