Math = Love: Point-Slope Form Foldable

Monday, December 3, 2012

Point-Slope Form Foldable

Today, my Algebra 1 students learned about point-slope form.  This is the third and final form of a linear equation we will cover.  At first, my students were apprehensive about the new formula, but they quickly warmed up to it.  Today, we focused on writing equations in point-slope form and finding the slope and coordinates of the point from the equation. 

Tomorrow, we will review this and create the following foldable.  Then, I hope to spend the rest of tomorrow's class period reviewing once again how to rearrange equations to slope-intercept form.  My students are really struggling with rearranging equations.  I have a few who get it, but the rest seem to always divide when they are supposed to add or subtract and vice versa.  We've talked about following the order of operations backwards.  We've taken notes over it several times under different scenarios.  But, nothing seems to make the process click for my students. 

Point Slope Form of a Linear Equation Foldable

Inside Flap of Point-Slope Foldable

Inside Flap of Point-Slope Foldable


  1. We are taking our test on this unit today. Will tuck your foldable away for next year!

  2. Can you please post a picture of the last page of the foldable, showing it graphed?

  3. I really like your post-it note method for reviewing this concept! Maybe another helpful addition to your foldable would be a page on converting from slope-intercept form to point-slope form? I think that students just need practice with this because all it really is is algebraic rearrangement.

  4. Hi Sarah, just wanted to let you know that I love your stuff! Whenever I search pinterest for teaching ideas, I always smile when I see your blog as the link - because I know it will be something good, worth using, & FREE. Thank you so much. And keep up the good work!!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Your comment made my day!