Math = Love: Made 4 Math: Printable Number Line Poster

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Made 4 Math: Printable Number Line Poster

Well, I've decided to change my mindset when it comes to my Made 4 Math Monday projects.  Usually, I start thinking about them on Monday and don't get them finished until later in the week.  I always feel bad because I'm naturally a very punctual person.  I hate, hate, hate to get anywhere late.  I was that student in college who felt like they were late if they got to class with only ten minutes to spare.  I love getting places early.  I'm the type of person who looks up on Google Maps how long it will take to get somewhere and then still leave thirty minutes or an hour early JUST IN CASE.

So, instead of feeling bad about being late for this week's Made 4 Math Monday post, I've decided that, instead, I'm just extremely early for next week's Made 4 Math Monday post.

This project was actually on my to-do list for my first year of teaching, but I never got around to it.  I wanted a number line to hang on the wall of my classroom.  I know that you can buy number lines at a teacher store or online that are relatively inexpensive, but I decided to make my own.  After all, I take any and every opportunity to use my handy, dandy laminator.  (I've had it for a year now, and it is one of my most used possessions!)  

Printed and Laminated Number Line Pieces
I used a pdf file that I found on a British book publisher's website to print my number line.  The file includes pages that will extend your number line from -40 to +40.  However, you print only the pages you need to fit in your exact space.  Since, I didn't have 25 feet of wall space to devote to an extra-large number line, I printed my number line to go from -22 to +22.  I probably should have done a little trimming and made it go from a more standard -20 to +20.  Oh well...

The left (negative) side of my number line. 
And, if you already have a number line in your classroom, this website also features a printable pi strip that you can print that features up to the first 1000 decimal places of pi!  There is also a printable vertical thermometer scale that could possibly be utilized as a vertical number line if that is of interest to anybody.  Actually, I'd just recommend that you spend a few minutes checking out the numerous files that are available to download!  If you find anything interesting or useful, leave a comment or (even better) write a blog post to share it with the world!      

A view of (almost) the entire number line.  
I hung my number line using sticky tack above the map railing that is above my dry erase board.  I really like how it turned out.  The numbers are large and easy to read from across the room.  I hope this will be a resource that my students will reference all year long.

If you are interested in the posters hanging on my map railing, they were downloaded from the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics website.  Last year, I used these posters to create a math-themed bulletin board in the back of my classroom.  This year, I have different plans for that bulletin board, but I still wanted to feature these posters in my classroom.  


  1. and this is why I LOVE blogging. Thanks for these incredible resources!!!

    and I too, have an incredibly close relationship with my laminator.

    Hodges Herald

    1. Thanks for reading my blog! I love blogging as well, and I'm always excited to share resources with others and discover new resources.

  2. Thank you SO much for blogging about your number line. I've looked for a printable number line before and all I could find were ones geared toward younger grades. This is exactly what I need!

  3. I love your blog name. I love following blogs that have a specific focus in mind- looking for some great math resources :)

    I am your newest follower

    Mindful Rambles

  4. Thank you for posting this - I was trying to make a number line today (from scratch on Microsoft Word), but it didn't quite turn out... can't wait to use this in my gr. 8 classroom!

  5. Thank you for the number line! I bought one on line and it was tiny; not good for the front of the classroom! This is so much better! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awesome! Glad I could help point you to an amazing, free resource. This is by far one of the most useful things I've hung up in my classroom this year!

  6. Awesome! I am totally printing all these things out, so I can easily swap out math things for my walls next year. Thanks again for all the amazing downloads and links of free downloads!

    1. Glad I could help! Thanks for stopping by my blog!