Math = Love: 2048 Addiction

Sunday, April 20, 2014

2048 Addiction

My 2048 High Score
Signs that you are addicted to 2048
  • You play 2048 during your lunch break at school.
  • You play 2048 during your planning period at school.
  • You have convinced multiple students that they should try their hand at playing the most addicting game on the planet.
  • You gush about the game to your coworkers until they start playing. 
  • You convince your sister that she should start playing 2048 so you will have someone to discuss strategy with.
  • You take screen shots of your new high score to send to your sister.  Subject of E-mail: "Too bad the game isn't called 1024"  She replies with, "You spend too much time playing this game."  
  • You create a 2048 paper grading strategy.  It goes a little like this:
    • Decide to grade papers.
    • Start playing 2048.
    • Spend way too much time playing 2048.
    • Realize that your papers are not getting graded.
    • Continue playing 2048 while pondering possible solutions.
    • Decide that you would grade more papers if grading papers was as fun as playing 2048.
    • Play 2048 some more.
    • Create the 2048 paper grading strategy.
    • Play another game of 2048 before employing the strategy.
    • Sort your papers to be graded into piles.
    • Celebrate your hard work by playing a game of 2048.
    • Grade a pile of papers.
    • Play a game of 2048.
    • Grade another pile of papers.
    • Play another game of 2048.
    • Continue alternating between 2048 and grading papers.  I promise; it works!  (Of course, just grading your papers and getting them over with would be a much more efficient use of time...)
  • You love 2048 so much that you try your hand at Flappy 2048 even though your Flappy Bird high score was 1.  On the other hand, my Flappy 2048 high score is 3.  That's progress, people!  
  • You write a blog post telling everybody how amazingly addicted 2048 is.
In other news, I still haven't beat this game.  The largest tile I have been able to get up to is 1024.  I'm a math teacher.  This is a number game.  I should be able to beat this!  In fact, I'm afraid I'm getting worse at the game the more I play.  I haven't increased my score in 10 days.  Yes, I keep track of these things...  


  1. Thanks for the Sunday Morning chuckle!

    Hodges Herald

  2. Ah, but it isn't a pure numbers game. It's also (and to a larger extent) a strategy game.

    I played an alphabet version and it took me 5 days of hardcore addiction to beat it. Proof:

    Don't worry. Once you win, it's like a fever breaking and the addiction just evaporates:

    1. I just tried the alphabet version. All I can say is "Mind blown!" Thanks for sharing!

  3. It's so addicting! I read a trick (although I also have not beat it yet either), only go right and down. Go up if you have to, but never go left. Keep the far right column full at all times. Here's the best part, because it's math! The way to win is to try always keep that last column so that it is 2^n, 2^(n +1), 2^(n+2), 2^(n+3) from bottom to top. Hope that helps!

    1. Ooh. From top to bottom =) smaller numbers on top. Or maybe I should say n, n-1, etc . I should write a lesson!

  4. I played for something like hours yesterday! Finally beat it! Yes, choosing a corner sticking to it is the best I've found. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! It took literally weeks, but I finally beat it! Of course, I've only been able to beat it once. But, I won, so that's all that matters! :)

  5. Thanks -- didn't even know this existed. Now I'm hooked!

    1. This is what I love about blogging! I'm always discovering new things!

  6. Choose a corner! Arbitrarily, I aim to move down and right the most... left on occasion... and never move upward if I can help it. I predict you'll beat the game within the day! ;-)

    1. I find it kinda funny that it seems like everybody picks a different corner in this game. I eventually decided I was going to move up and left whenever possible. I tried changing corners, and it really messed with my mind. I finally beat it though! It took me a lot longer than a day, though... :)

  7. Only ever swipe down, left, or right. NEVER up. The idea is to keep your highest tile in the bottom corner (pick one bottom corner and stick to it). You don't have to combine two tiles every time you swipe. Once you apply this method, you'll get 2048 in less than half an hour.

    I love this game and how it's all powers of two :D

    1. I ended up picking a top corner, but I applied the same strategy and it FINALLY worked! Thanks for the advice!

  8. I am addicted to this game also! I just beat it yesterday and my new high score is 28,000 something.

    Another way you know you are addicted, is when you have a class of only 8 students and lots of empty desks and you mentally start sliding students around to match boys with boys and girls with girls.

  9. Replies
    1. You're welcome. :) If I get addicted to something, I make it my goal to spread my addiction to as many others as possible.

  10. Just beat it yesterday after a week long addiction. High score 31,408. The others are right - pick a corner and keep the largest numbers closest to that corner. I will even skip a match if it means swiping the largest number out of the corner. Always watch your 2's & 4's don't let them get buried. LOVE IT!!

    1. Awesome! I finally beat it with a high score in the 23,000s. I've only beat it once though, so I'm thinking my winning must be a fluke. I took your idea of skipping matches if it meant moving the largest number out of the corner, and it seemed to help! Thanks!