Math = Love: Veterans Day Decorations

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Veterans Day Decorations

I used to get really annoyed whenever I would find my own blog posts in my google search results.  But, lately, it doesn't annoy me anymore.  In fact, I often find myself rereading old blog posts to remind myself of how I did things in the past.

So, yes, I realize it's February.  And, yes, I realize that I'm blogging about Veterans Day which was way back when in November.  One of Student Council's jobs is to help decorate/plan the Veterans Day Assembly.  Unless you have a need to ever make patriotic decorations of your own, this blog post probably won't be of interest to you.  But, next November, when I'm trying to remember how we did a certain thing, I'll be back here looking at it.  

One of my super artsy students painted this beautiful banner to hang on the wall for our assembly.

Columns that we normally use for prom decorations were wrapped in red, white, and blue table cloths.

I had nothing to do with this paper link flag, but I thought it was a really cute idea!  

My main job was overseeing the creation of a balloon flag.  One of my coworkers had her son construct a pvc frame to build the flag on.  

I recruited my first hour freshmen Algebra 1 class to help me blow up the balloons.  To say this was chaotic would be a huge understatement.  I certainly didn't have the time, motivation, or lung power to blow up all of the balloons by myself though.  That would be CRAZY.

I'm pretty sure the kids helping me might have popped just as many balloons as made it on the final display.

If you look closely at the bottom row, you can see that we actually ended up being short one red balloon.  Oops...

And, I guess this post isn't complete without a picture of me in my Veteran's Day outfit.  It's not everyday you can pull off looking like the American flag...


  1. Wow! That is a venerable way of celebrating the veterans, through cooperation and a sense of community. Most importantly, through concern for others. Just to continue to apply the lessons that the symbols continue to uphold. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Victoria Pierce @ Fight 4 Vets

  2. What beautiful decorations you and your students put up for your Veteran’s Day Assembly! War veterans are really worthy for the celebration, for all the sacrifices that they made in order to protect and serve their country. They also inspire other people in loving their own country, especially the children who are at the same age as your students. Thank you for sharing!

    Brad Post @ Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law