Math = Love: Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin Board Ideas

I've spent many a hour browsing pinterest and blogs for new ideas for decorating my high school math classroom.  This summer, I'm taking some time to categorize some of my own resources so they are more accessible to readers.  This page is meant to house pictures of the bulletin boards I have created over the past few years.  Most (not all) are math-y, but I think they can be easily adapted to your own classroom.

I've also created a page on my blog to house all of the posters I have created.  Click here to find the files to create many of these bulletin boards.

When you enter this classroom... Bulletin Board

Absent? Bulletin Board

How to Learn Math Bulletin Board

Change Your Words - Change Your Mindset! Bulletin Board

Calculator Bulletin Board

Wheel of Theodorus Bulletin Board

Left Side Ideas for Interactive Notebooks Bulletin Board

Problem Solving Strategies Bulletin Board

Math Bulletin Board

Math Comics Bulletin Board

Wall of Pride Bulletin Board - Students were invited to post anything they were proud of.

Pascal's Triangle Bulletin Board

Another Version of Calculators Bulletin Board

Star Students Bulletin Board - Students were able to write their name on a star (dry erase!) if they made an 85% or above on their unit test.


  1. I would like to use INB's this year but I'm totally in the dark on what to do. Can you please tell me a little more about your bulletin board above in regards to INB's? Thanks!

    1. For help getting started on INBs, check out this post:

      The bulletin board as an attempt at putting up examples of foldables to illustrate the different pages we could create. I used it my first year, but I haven't used it since.

    2. Why have you not used them since?

    3. I just like to change things up each year :)

  2. I love your bulletin board ideas. They are wonderful. You are certainly an inspiring teacher. I am sure the students love to visit your classroom. I was wondering if you had pdf copies of the posters located on your "Math Bulletin Board" listed above.

    1. Thank you! They can be downloaded here:

  3. Great ...I will do this on my bulletin board...

  4. Love love love! I esp. love the how to learn math BB. When I need inspiration,I visit your blog first. Thanks for adding me on Twitter too!

  5. Absolutely love everything you post! Last year I did the "how to learn math" board, and my principal loved it! I'm still deciding which one to use this year! Thank you for sharing :)