Math = Love: 2 more weeks!

Monday, February 13, 2012

2 more weeks!

It's hard to believe that I will be at my first placement for only two more weeks!  In my experience, the days and weeks go by so much faster as a teacher than as a student.  Though I will be sad to leave my first placement, I am very excited that I will be getting to experience a middle school classroom for the second half of the semester.  I will be responsible for teaching five sections of pre-algebra.

It's amazing to me how attached one can get to a group of students in a matter of weeks.  It seems like I'm just now starting to build those relationships with my students.  Students are opening up to me.  They are starting to trust me.  Though the students were wary of me at first, I'm afraid that when I leave in two weeks that they are going to think that I have abandoned them.  They will especially think this if they discover that I have left them, students at one of the roughest high schools in the city, to student teach at one of the best schools in the city.  

In other news, the search for a teaching job is ongoing.  So far, the majority of the job postings for math teachers in Oklahoma have either been in the Panhandle or along the Red River.  Since I want to stay a little closer to home than that, I am polishing my resume, cover letter, and application packets as I await more job postings.  My cooperating teacher told me that I would know what type of school I wanted to work in.  How does that work?  How am I supposed to know if I'm cut out to work at an urban, suburban, rural, or charter school?  

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  1. You're right, time flies when you're teaching. However if your experience is anything like mine, you're going to find the middle-school pace a lot slower than high school.

    Good luck with the job hunt! At least it sounds like you have options. I'm willing to take just about anything, anywhere, and I'm still worried I might not find anything. ;)