Math = Love: Middle School...Day One

Monday, February 27, 2012

Middle School...Day One

Well, I have officially survived my first day of middle school.  And, I can say that the middle school experience is distinctly different than high school.  Today, I focused on getting acquainted with the new school as well as starting to build a rapport with the students.

My cooperating teacher loaned me a book to read to give me some insight into the lives and minds of middle school students:  Not Much Just Chillin': The Hidden Lives of Middle Schoolers.   

The Highlights of Middle School
  • I got the opportunity to help a student open his locker today.  I actually ended up having to do the combination three times before it would open.  That's something that didn't happen at the high school level.
  • I also had my first experience working with students who are hard-of-hearing.  During two class periods, there is an interpreter.  I ended up getting a little flustered while helping one of the students for the first time.  Because though I was talking to the student, he was looking at the interpreter.  It was difficult for me to see how much the student was understanding.
  • One girl adamantly refused to let me help her with her homework.  Her reasoning:  her sister who is in high school can explain it in a way she can understand.  When I asked her if I could try to explain it, she said that my explanation wouldn't be as good since I didn't know what she called a popsicle when she was a baby.  Umm...   
  • One boy decided that he and I should have a secret handshake.  So, if having a secret handshake had been on my bucket list, I could have crossed that off after today.     

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