Math = Love: Week in Review

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week in Review

It's hard for me to believe that this will be my last week at the high school level.  I'm working my hardest to get over an annoying cold during this three-day weekend so I'll be able to enjoy my students for my last four days.  

Last week was an off-week.  

Monday.  Snow Day.  

Tuesday.  Valentine's Day.  Too much candy = Hyper Students who would rather do anything than concentrate on their math assignment.  

Wednesday.  The students had zero energy or motivation.  I attribute this to it being the day after Valentine's Day.

Thursday.  AKA the day before a four-day weekend.  

Friday.  Professional Development Day.  Two of the math teachers presented a ton of great ideas.  Now, I have all these ideas floating through my head.  Venn diagrams made out of hula hoops and post-it notes.  Poof Books.  Using Smart Responders as a formative assessment.      

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