Math = Love: Spring Break

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break

As I type this post, I am laying in bed, eating popcorn, and staring at the piles of boxes that have began to surround me.  My Smart Board file for tomorrow is done.  Worksheets are ready and printed.  It's the last day of Spring Break.  In fact, this week marks my last Spring Break as a college student.  My cap and gown are hanging in my closet.  Graduation is quickly approaching.  And, I have to be moved out of my apartment by the day after graduation, so the packing has began, hence the boxes. 

My cooperating teacher suggested that I try to make my Spring Break as relaxing and fun as possible since student teaching can be an overwhelming and exhausting time.  I'm not sure if my activities will meet his approval, but I can say that my spring break has been most productive.  I fit in a dentist appointment, doctors appointment, and I got my taxes sent off.  I wrote my next-to-last essay for my student teaching seminar class.  However, I'm most proud of the applications I submitted to thirty different school districts.  28 paper application packets and 2 online applications.  This brings my total to 32 school districts applied to.  The process of filling out all of these applications and answering the essay questions for many of them has led me to feel much more prepared for the interview process.

I'm both excited and terrified for the changes that the next few months are going to bring.  I am most anxious to find out where I will be teaching and what I will be teaching.  I'm ready to start making plans of how I'm going to organize my classroom.  I want to start planning units and activities.

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  1. Good luck with the job hunt! Can you supply-teach in May and June while you wait for a full-time job?

    If I could pick any two activities I would NOT want to do over march break, it would be going to the dentist and filing my taxes. ;)