Math = Love: Interview Numero Uno

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Interview Numero Uno

Well, I've officially survived my first interview. And, I think it went pretty well. I thought it was going to be quite nerve-racking, but I was surprisingly calm throughout the interview.

It was with the principal and counselor, but the counselor didn't say anything at all during the interview. I was able to give a lot of examples of student successes and tell about experiences I have had with students during the interview. Instead of feeling like an interview, it almost felt like an hour long conversation.

Looking back, I would have answered some questions slightly differently. Sometimes after starting to answer something, I would realize I wanted to answer the question in a slightly different way than I had first intended. I was able to answer all of the questions. Some of my answers were just not as eloquent as I would have wished. But, this is a learning experience. With each interview, I'm sure I will feel more comfortable in my answers.

The principal did give me the list of questions he was going to use and let me look over it for a few minutes before we started. But, it didn't feel like a scripted interview. Instead, the conversation sort of flowed from topic to topic. Some questions would be rephrased in light of something I had just said. The principal laughed, smiled, and made some jokes throughout the interview so I took that as a good sign.

I didn't ask about the timeline for the hiring process, but the principal told me his plans while he was walking me to the front door. He is planning on doing more interviews next week, and he intends to make a decision by the end of next week. But, the board of education won't vote on it until May. He said that since we had a face-to-face interview, he would call and let me know his decision either way.

My thank you notes to both the principal and counselor are written and stamped and waiting to be mailed tomorrow. He did bring up technology at the very end of the interview, and I didn't have much of a chance to elaborate on my experience with technology. I'm currently taking a class in educational technology and our assignment this week is to create an online portfolio of all the work we have done this semester using technology.  So, I'm planning on finishing up that portfolio this weekend and e-mailing the principal with a link to it.

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