Math = Love: Christmas in July

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Christmas in July

(Otherwise entitled: A Post Where I Become Extremely Excited about Calculators)

Well, I attended my first professional development workshop for today, and it was pretty much like Christmas in July.  It was a workshop hosted by the OERB (Oklahoma Energy Resources Board).  I attended the workshop for high school math teachers (Core Energy Math).  We learned about how to teach math while teaching students about the oil and natural gas industry at the same time.  Teaching topics included scatter plots, inequalities, writing equations for cost, revenue, and profit, measuring angles, distance formula, and more.

The OERB was incredibly generous.  Free lunch.  Free snacks.  $50 stipend for attending.  A Copy of the Entire Curriculum.  And Math Teaching Goodies!!!

The previous statement totally deserves the triple exclamation points, too.  Especially when you consider the fact that we got $450 worth of supplies, including an entire class set of scientific calculators!  Considering the fact that the only calculators I found in my classroom were 4 calculators from the dollar store, I am beyond thrilled.   

A binder full of the curriculum materials

6 packs of colored pencils, 500 sheets of graph paper, and 30 protractors! 


An entire class set of 30 TI-30XS Calculators!

So, if anybody from the OERB ever happens to read this, thank you!  You have no idea what a blessing this is to my classroom and my students.  Thank you! 

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