Math = Love: Algebra 1 INB Pages over Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Algebra 1 INB Pages over Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities

Here are some pics of the most recently added pages to our Algebra 1 interactive notebooks.  My students are just now finishing up our chapter on inequalities.  Tuesday, we will start ratios and proportions.  After telling my students this, they let me know that they greatly dislike proportions.  I can't wait to change that!  I think what really bothers my students is the fractions.  Once I show them that fractions are nothing to be scared of, I think they will come around to proportions.

So far, my students love solving equations and solving inequalities.  I mean they literally love it.  They tell me over and over how much fun these problems are.  I couldn't be a happier teacher... 

I got a chance to share with all the teachers in my building about interactive notebooks last week.  I will write more about this opportunity later, but it was an amazing experience.  I could have talked about foldables and graphic organizers and ideas for hours.  I'm so excited that other teachers are going to try to implement foldables and more interactive learning strategies in their classrooms!   

In other news, I am incredibly behind in blogging.  I still need to blog about how I taught integer operations as well as solving equations.  I should really reflect on how my Algebra 2 and College Algebra courses are going.  I want to blog about the review auction game I played with my Algebra 1 students and how I've been using the idea of clock partners with my Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 students.  Then, I have posts planned about bellwork and exit tickets and interactive notebooks in general.  Seriously, when do you guys find enough time to blog about everything you want to?

I used Sarah @ Everybody is a Genius' brilliant notes over combining like terms.

Steps for Solving Multi-Step Equations (I used the flow chart available here.)

Graphing Inequalities (Outside of Foldable)
I taught my students to always rearrange their inequalities so the variable is to the left of the inequality sign.  Then, the students can just shade in the direction of the arrow formed by the inequality.  The 8th graders I student taught with had been taught this and it seemed to really work for them.  I am worried, though, that my students don't know why we shade one side of the inequality over the other side.  I need to go back and review this with them. 

Inside of Graphing Inequalities Foldable

Steps for Graphing Inequalities Notes

Solving 1 and 2 Step Inequality Notes.  I'm not too thrilled with this page. 

Compound Inequalities Notes

Compound Inequalities Foldable (Outside)

Compound Inequalities Foldable (Inside)

Compound Inequality Notes


  1. WOW! Thank you for sharing your notebook ideas! We are starting inequalities tomorrow! I have some ideas for notes and will incorporate yours as well!

  2. :) Glad I came across this!! THANKS!

  3. I'm so glad I keep coming back to this post! I love your notes on compound inequalities! Did you have and ISN entry for absolute value equations and inequalities?

  4. Thank you for these wonderful and clear lesson ideas :) -A teacher

  5. Thank you for sharing your notebook ideas. As a piece of feedback- having students write or memorize that you need to shade in the direction of the "arrow" causes significant problems as they move into higher level math. While this rule works when the variable is on the left it does not when the variable is on the right.

    1. Hi! Great observation but from her notes it seems as though she has explained to her students that this only works when the variable is on the left. In her graphing steps she even tells the students to rearrange if necessary.