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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Busy Cubed

Well, I'm busy, busy, busy.

I did take time to do some baking today after I got home from school, though.  Fresh apple pie straight out of the oven cannot be beat.  It was a ton of work to peel all the apples.  But, I did finally get to use my Pampered Chef apple corer that I've owned for over two years now.  I love that thing!  It's absolutely amazing.  

In actual math related news, my Algebra 1 students LOVE inequalities.  We've been graphing and solving inequalities in one variable for the past two days.  They seriously think it is the easiest thing ever.  I'm also figuring exactly what was causing some of my students to solve so many of the equations incorrectly on our test.  One student asked today if I could make this next test worth 300 or 500 points.  I love seeing their enthusiasm over basic math concepts.

When I teach at a pace that is appropriate for the level of my students and in a way that helps all my students understand how to solve the problem, learning becomes fun for them.  My students don't need me to create games for them to have fun in math class.  No, I just need to do all that I can to set them up for success.  For many of my students, this just means breaking every problem down into steps and being there to help.  I hear so many students tell me of experiences with previous teachers where they didn't get help from their teachers.  My students don't want me to give them the answer.  They want me to provide them with just enough feedback to get on the right track so they can solve the problem on their own.    

Homecoming is this Friday.  Normally, that wouldn't really impact me.  However, this year I am the student council sponsor.  One of our main fundraisers for the year is selling the Homecoming t-shirts.  I've been stressing over these t-shirts since the end of August.  After multiple, multiple phone calls and e-mails, I was finally able to pick them up this afternoon.  Tomorrow I will distribute them, and I'll finally be able to mark this off of my to do list.  Students have been asking me for days when they will be able to get their shirt.   

I seriously have a new respect for any teacher who also is in charge of an organization.  I never realized, as a student, just how much work went into running a student organization.  I'm trying to make arrangements for us to attend our District Meeting in October and State Convention in November.  It feels like I'm not making any progress.  I know that when we are actually experiencing these events, all the hard work will be worth it.  But, right now, it's just overwhelming.  So much of my planning period isn't spent planning for my classes.  It's spent making phone calls and asking questions about how to do Student Council stuff.  The last time I was in student council, I was in the fourth grade.  I guess next year, I'll be a pro...

A student called me "Mom" today for the first time.  I knew that happened with elementary students all the time.  But, I wasn't expecting it from a high school student.

Then, I had a student ask me "Ms. H, were you ever a principal before this?"  No.  "Well, you look very principal-like."  This is my first year of teaching.  I'm in my early twenties.  Honestly, most people think that I look 16.  (At my first football game, the person taking the money for the tickets thought I was buying a student ticket instead of an adult ticket.)  I have the hardest time convincing people on the phone that I am a teacher.  They always assume that I am a student calling them.  But, this student thinks I could have been a principal...  I think this thought was partially based on the fact that I have a really fancy name plaque on my desk that was a gift from my cooperating teacher.   

I handed out printouts of grades today.  It's amazing how when you hand out a grade sheet and mark all the missing assignments that students all of a sudden start turning in those assignments.   

My eighth graders were devastated today.  Why?  We didn't cut or glue a single thing for our interactive notebook today.  Instead, I just had them take a few notes, and we jumped into solving practice problems.  Some of my older students, however, groan every time I ask them to take out their notebooks.   

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  1. I am so happy for you and your success! You are on a role, just don't take on anything else, please! It is so good that you made apple pie, cooking is relaxing. I just made applesauce and will be back in the orchard picking again tomorrow. Once I get the apples cooking, it will be grade, grade, grade!
    Amy teaching Algebra 1 in nor. Cal