Math = Love: Newest Additions to my Classroom

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Newest Additions to my Classroom

I am always looking for additional ways to motivate my students.  A teacher at the high school where I student taught regularly posted the average grade for each of his class periods.  In addition, he would post the percent gained or lost from the previous week.  I added this second column after updating the averages.  Please realize that these were the averages for my classes before our first test and before our first notebook check.  The grades have dropped some since then.  It took a couple of days for most of my students to notice this.  But, the question on everyone's mind after they saw this was "what class do you have 7th period?"  The answer: 8th Grade Algebra 1.  Let's just say high school students do not like being beat by 8th graders.

Algebra 2 Word Wall.  Let's just say I love my laminator.  It's seriously one of my best purchases ever.  I order laminating sheets by the hundreds now.  My word wall is technically a word window.  I have these blacked out windows in my classroom that are kinda blah.  So, I decided to use them to host my word wall.  My students have never seen word walls before.  I want them to be a place where students can look when they know something but can't remember the exact term.  I need to find ways to direct my students to them during the lesson until they learn to use them on their own.

Algebra 1 Word Wall (or Word Window)

Classroom Rules Posters
In printed and laminated some posters to decorate my cabinet.  Someone had taken erasers and drawn designs all over this cabinet.  I tried everything to scrub them off.  Nothing worked.  So, I hung pretty posters over them that make me smile.  My entire classroom makes me smile. 

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  1. Big fan of the class averages - great way to lend a competitive edge without pitting individuals against each other. Hope they're rising to meet the challenge. Also, is there a space in the middle of the "Mathematics is . . ." Venn Diagram?