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Friday, September 14, 2012

Show and Tell

This post is actually just an excuse to post some pictures.

Graded some more INBs this week.  And, I actually had time to take a few pictures of their Mathematician Research Projects that I blogged about here

Isaac Newton Interactive Notebook Cover

Gauss Interactive Notebook Cover

Archimedes Interactive Notebook Cover

Pascal Interactive Notebook Cover

I also snapped some pictures of the factoring formula posters made by my college algebra students.  We just started simplifying rational expressions, and it makes it so simple to just direct students to the poster for the different factoring formulas.  I'm hoping these students will start referring to them on their own without prompting soon.

All 3 Factoring Posters

Difference of Cubes Poster

Difference of Squares Poster

Sum of Cubes Poster

Oh, and someone asked for an editable copy of my Request to Retest form.

Here, you go!

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