Math = Love: Slope Foldable...Take Two

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Slope Foldable...Take Two

Less than a year ago, I made my first foldable.  I wrote about the experience here.  It was one of those random ideas you get in the shower.  Or maybe I'm the only person who thinks about how to teach various math concepts in the shower...

I made it.  I loved it.  I blogged about it.  Other people read it.  And pinned it on pinterest.  People saw the pin and made their own versions to suit their classes.  It's a really cool thing to realize that I made something that has influenced the education of students not only in my classroom but in other classrooms across the country.

Last week, I started reviewing slope with my Algebra 2 students.  Actually, I can't really call it reviewing.  It's been more of a reteaching experience.  I had to reteach each of the different ways to find slope.  I loved my previous slope foldable, but it was too big to fit in our composition notebooks.

So, I took my blank three door foldable that will fit in a composition notebook and used that.  The information on the flaps is exactly the same.  When I cover this with my Algebra 1 students, I may want to rethink what I put on each flap.  I guess that will be cause for a new post: Slope Foldable...Take Three.

Here's a copy of the file I used to make this 3-door foldable. 
Here's what my new version of the slope foldable looked like.

Finding Slope Foldable Outside

Finding Slope Foldable Inside


  1. Love this one! I'm getting ready to start talking about slope with my intervention class, and this would be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am new to your blog, so you may have covered this in a post I haven't seen. How do you handle all the cutting, gluing and 'decorating' time. I find that this eats up a period, even in high school, and ours are only 44 minutes long. Suggestions?

    1. I have started handing my classes the foldables as they walk through the door and have them start cutting right away....this gets them started right away and I gain a min or two back of class. I also start talking once the first couple students are done. This motivates the rest to work faster to catch up to me! They are learning not to use the cutting/gluing as a way to waste class time but it is a slow process. :) Good Luck!

  3. I just found your blog and I've already used your foldables twice and now I'm back for a third! I love that these are ready to go, thanks so much for saving me hours of time and worrying about how to set things up. These are such a fun way to cover skills, procedures, and vocab. And most of my kids actually keep them for a whole year. Thank you!