Math = Love: You've gotta love high school students...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

You've gotta love high school students...

There is definitely never a dull moment when working with high school students.

Scenario 1

Student: "Ms. H, are you married?"

Me: "No."

Another Student: "Does she look like she would be married?"

At this point in the conversation, I'm trying to figure out if I should be offended or what...  After a few comments from other students that it wasn't a very nice comment, the student clarifies: "Well, she isn't wearing a ring or anything, so she doesn't look like she would be married."  Was that what they really meant?  I'll probably never know...

Scenario 2

One of my students walks by me in the hall wearing pajama pants and a sort-of hat made out of a tube of black fleece fabric with pink pigs.  The other math teacher and I exchange a look of disbelief.  Next, the librarian comes down and tells us that we will need to send the student to the office when he comes back by us for his dress code violation.

Since he is actually in my next period, I assure her that I will send him to the office.  Well, he comes to the door, and I inform him that he will have to go to the office.  Why?  Well, you're not allowed to wear pajamas at school.  You'll need to go to the office.

Instead of complying with my request, he says, "That's okay, I'll just take them off."  He then proceeds to pull down his pajama pants in the hall.  The other math teacher and I are shocked.  I mean, students don't usually just start taking off their clothes in the hallway.  Now, I'm going to have a bigger issue to deal with than a dress code violation.  This is definitely not something they teach you how to deal with in your typical teacher education program.  Luckily, he was wearing normal, dress code appropriate shorts under the pajama pants.  I just didn't know that at the time when he announced that he would just take off his pants. 

Scenario 3

Student: "Ms H, did you go to college?"

Me: "Yes."

Student: "What college did you go to?"

I answer him

Me: "Why?"

Student: "Well, you have nice handwriting.  And, I heard that people who went to college tend to have nice handwriting."   

Umm...I thought it was common knowledge that all teachers have been to college, but I guess it's not...


  1. Haha we had a boy wearing girls leopard print leggings one day this week. The office didn't even care. They really should mention dealing with stuff like that in education courses.

  2. I can relate to scenario 1...last year one of my advisory students who I've had for a few years now and is very charismatic saysto me, "Ms., You're not ugly for your age." I asked him if that was supposed to be a compliment? And he said "How is that NOT a compliment?" Same kid this year: during a conversation about how it is inappropriate for him as a Senior to be interested in a freshman (I also teach Health which he took from me) says, "Remember how you said some girls want negative attention from boys because they maybe have been abused or something and its sad?" I respond "yes i did say something like that" he says "well everytime Im about to be with a girl I think of you and I cant!" Wow! I just had to laugh as did all the other students...Although Im glad to hear he is making good decisions based on what I taught him...this was a bit shocking to hear!