Math = Love: Parent Teacher Conferences

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Parent Teacher Conferences

Well, I survived my first round of parent teacher conferences as a teacher.  Reaching this milestone means that I am officially 25% done with my first year of teaching. 

I sat in on one evening of conferences during my student teaching.  Basically, I just shook hands with the parents and sat there quietly while my cooperating teacher did all of the talking.

Now that I am the teacher, it was up to me to do the talking and the listening.  I only had 8 parents show up for conferences.  I teach approximately 68 students.  Of course, as a math teacher, I had to do the math and figure out what percentage of parents showed up.  Approximately 12 percent.  (I do have to add, though, that 3 of the parents who did show up are currently employed by the school district.)   

Maybe I should give this problem to my Algebra 1 students as bell work on our first day back from Fall Break.  If Ms. H has 68 students and 8 of their parents showed up for conferences, what percentage of parents showed up for parent teacher conferences?  We've just finished our chapter over ratios and proportions.  Even though we're starting to graph now, I need to keep reviewing these previous concepts as much as possible.

The conferences were pretty laid back.  The students who are really struggling in my classes are the ones whose parents did not attend conferences.  I guess this means I will need to make some phone calls...

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