Math = Love: Interactive Notebook Entry: Graphing Using Slope-Intercept Form

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Interactive Notebook Entry: Graphing Using Slope-Intercept Form

Here are pictures of the entries in my Algebra 1 INB of graphing in slope-intercept form.  Links to download templates are at the end of the post!

Slope Intercept Foldable (y=mx+b) and Brief Notes over Rearranging Equations

Outside view of y=mx+b Foldable

Inside View of y=mx+b foldable.  The x and y flaps define y as the dependent variable and x as the independent variable.

Frayer Model over Y-Intercept
Notes over graphing using slope-intercept form.  This page is kinda blah. 

Reminders of which way to rise/run to get a positive or negative slope.  Some of my students found this really confusing.  Need to fix in the future! 
View of Left and Right Page in INB.
 I blogged more about the y=mx + b foldable here.

y=mx+b Foldable Template

Printable Positive and Negative Signs for Rise over Run Reminders


  1. Hi,

    I love love love your blog! It has helped me get through the first 9 weeks of my first year of teaching. I think the slope intercept foldable is great, and I would love to use it in my classroom. The link to download the template does not show up for me, though. Could you possibly send it to me?

    1. Sorry about that! The site that hosts my files is having issues. Here's a direct and searchable link to all of my files:

  2. I really love your blog and your content writing skills. You know a lot of ways to teach maths in very easy and interesting way. I will appreciate you for this and will also try to do like you.