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Friday, November 30, 2012


1.  I am so thankful for having had Thanksgiving Break.  I really needed the time to step away from school for a few days and recharge my batteries.  (And, I just realized that I still know the Spanish term for "recharge my batteries."  Is that weird?  I haven't had a Spanish class since Fall of 2009.)  But, I was really bothered by how much my students seemed to have forgotten over Thanksgiving Break.  Before Thanksgiving Break, we had spent about a week on graphing lines in slope intercept form as well as horizontal and vertical lines.  However, after Thanksgiving Break, it was like my students had forgot to do things as simple as graph a point on the coordinate plane.  They were inventing all of these new and creative (and incorrect!) ways to graph points.  I'm worried, now, though, about how much information they will have retained when they come back from Christmas Break which is much longer.

2.  Dan Meyer knows that I exist.

3.  When other teachers start questioning you about your relationship status, it is not a good sign.  I can't believe what rumors students feel the need to start.  I guess there is nothing more exciting to talk about in this small town...

4.  "You're not my favorite teacher, but you are my best teacher."  And, I'm totally okay with not winning the first title.  My students know by now that I don't believe in free days.  We don't watch movies.  We do math daily--even if it's only a two day week due to Thanksgiving!              

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  1. Best compliment ever... "Mrs.'re not the nicest, but you're the best." It's the little things. :) And don't worry about the things they have forgotten. They haven't really forgotten...they're just a little too lazy to remember that they remember. The rumor thing is a "school" thing. It has nothing to do with a small town, and EVERYthing to do with a "school." I have been married for almost 13 years, and I have still been linked with teachers around my school. It's always the "new" teachers. If you are kind to a teacher of the opposite sex, you must be dating them.