Math = Love: Draw Me A Picture

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Draw Me A Picture

If I taught my Algebra 1 students anything this semester, I taught them slope! 

I had my students fill out an evaluation form before Christmas Break.  On the back, I gave them a chance to just be creative.  They could either write me a letter, draw me a picture, or write me a haiku.  Surprisingly, haikus were a foreign concept to my students.  I think I only had two students write me a haiku.  I'm thinking that I'll have my students write a haiku about one of our vocabulary words soon. 

Anyway...most of my students chose to draw me a picture.  They had the opportunity to draw whatever their hearts desired.  I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I got a lot of pictures of Slope Dude's journey and Mr. Slope Guy.  I was really surprised by the students who chose to label the slopes of the lines in their pictures. I'm pretty sure this is not normal teenage behavior. But, I'm definitely not going to complain. :)


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