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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heart Smiles

Earlier this semester, I received a letter from a student that just made my heart smile.  It was a result of the Origami Letter Project.  I want to share this letter with you today.  When I organized this project, I was not seeking out letters for myself.  I was seeking out letters for others.  My students have always been really candid with me.  They tell me when they love my lessons.  And, they tell me when they don't.  I value their feedback.  Since I'm not in others' classrooms, I don't know if the students give them this feedback or not.  I hoped that they did, but I wanted to make sure that our teachers, administration, and support staff felt valued. 

Still, I'm thankful for those letters I received.  Some of them surprised me since they are from those students who aren't as vocal about their feelings and opinions.  And, I'm glad I gave them a chance to make someone's day in a way that was comfortable for them.    

One of my students wrote me this letter.

Ms. Hagan

Thank you so much for teaching me math.  You are the best math teacher ever.  I never learned math as easy as you teach us.  I have never had this good of a grade in math.  I hope I have you ever year till I graduate.  Thank you for everything.  

This is why I teach.  This is why I'm at school this week even though I don't feel 100%.  This is why I spend hours creating games and foldables and activities for my students.  My students need me.  I am making a difference in their lives.  And, they are making a difference in my life. 

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