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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Common Core Flipbooks

As soon as I saw this post by Algebrainiac, I knew I had to make my own common core flipbooks.  Oklahoma is one of the many states to adopt the CCSS.  We still have one more year of our old standards, but we are supposed to be starting the transition process.  I'll be honest.  As a first-year teacher, I did very little with common core.  I read a lot about it, but my main focus was getting my students ready for their end-of-instruction exams which are required for graduation.  And, those exams are not common core aligned. 

Next year, I have plans to do better.  I want to make a conscious effort to incorporate as many of the mathematical practices as possible.  I want to ask more rigorous questions.  And, I definitely want my students to ask more questions.  I'm going to be part of the Oklahoma Geometry and Algebra Project (OGAP) this summer, and I'm hoping to learn a ton more about what exactly common core will require in my classroom through that. 

Back to the flipbooks.  I printed the flipbooks off of this website.  Next year, I am going to be teaching Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.  So, I decided to print off one flipbook for each.  I didn't print off the entire thing, though.  That would be a bunch of pages!  Instead, I use our Oklahoma OC3 standards to figure out which common core standards belonged to each subject.  I followed Algebrainiac's advice and color-coded my booklets. 

I printed these off double-sided on letter size paper.  All the colors I used were 24 pound paper except one of the colors which was 20 pound paper, and I noticed it really did make a difference.    

To make these more durable and to make sure I could tell them apart, I printed off covers for each booklet on cardstock and ran them through my laminator.  This will protect the cute little tabs when I'm not using my flipbooks.  I love that these flipbooks put the standards, sample problems, common errors, and more all in the same place.  I can already see me using these a lot!   

My finished products:

Front Laminated Covers of my CCSS Flipbooks

Inside Pages of CCSS Flipbooks

Close-Up of the Inside

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