Math = Love: Summer Reading List

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Summer Reading List

In order to celebrate my first full day of summer vacation, I'm hoping to start attacking my summer reading list.  But first, it will be my pleasure to attend my first graduation ceremony as a teacher.  I helped set up for graduation yesterday during our professional development day.  This will be a new experience to me because I've never attended a small high school graduation before.  I used to think that I attended a small high school, but I graduated in a class of 153.  We will have 32 walk across that stage.   

I've made a list of all the books that I own and haven't read, the books that I've started and haven't finished, and the books that I've read but need to read again.  Typing this list out made me realize just how many books are on my to-read list.  I highly doubt that I will be able to get through all of these this summer.  Plus, I plan on reading some fun novels, too. 

As I make my way through each book, I hope to share any useful strategies that I plan on implementing in my classroom.  My first year of teaching went really well, but I want to make sure that my second year is even better.  I read a lot of books on teaching last summer.  And, I found them helpful and confusing at the same time.  They were helpful because I was hungry to learn anything I could use to help me in my classroom.  But, it was confusing because many authors seemed to contradict the other authors.  Now that I have a year of teaching under my belt, I feel like I will gain a lot from rereading those books that I read last summer.  But, I have a lot of new books I want to read, too.   

Books to Reread and Implement in my Classroom
* Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov
* Never Work Harder Than Your Students by Robyn R. Jackson
* Teaching Outside the Box by LouAnne Johnson
* Realm of Algebra by Isaac Asimov
The Essential 55 by Ron Clark
* The First Days of School by Harry Wong
* Every Minute Counts by David R. Johnson
* Tools for Teaching by Fred Jones

Books to Finish Reading
* Getting Things Done by David Allen
* The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
* Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart
* Inspiring Active Learning by Merrill Harmin
* Mathematics Formative Assessment by Page Keeley
* Styles and Strategies for Teaching High School Mathematics by Edward J. Thomas
* Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott
* Why Do Buses Come in Threes? by Rob Eastaway

New Books to Read
* What Successful Teachers Do In Diverse Classrooms by Neal A. Glasgow
* Where Great Teaching Begins by Anne R. Reeves
* The Write Tool to Teach Algebra by Virginia Gray
* Mathematical Snapshots by Hugo Steinhaus
* The Quality School by William Glasser
* How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
* Journey through Genius by William Dunham
* Statistics for the Utterly Confused
* Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess
* A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Ruby K. Payne
* How to Support Struggling Students by Robyn R. Jackson
* Discipline Survival Kit for the Secondary Teacher

If you think I might have a slight addiction to books, you're right.  I'm obsessed.  I love to read. 


  1. I have a lot of the same books on my list! We plan to do some summer book chats on twitter this summer too.

  2. Ooh...such a great list! Thanks for sharing. Would love to get in on twitter chats...see you in Phillie? Amy

  3. Thank you for sharing your list! I've loved reading your adventures through your first year of teaching; you should feel very proud of yourself and know you accomplished what some would not be able to even after many years! Keep up your hard work and enthusiasm. I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I've got lots more to write. At this point, I can't imagine teaching without blogging. They just sort of go hand in hand.

    2. I just ran into your blog....WoW! You have a very ambitious reading list for summer! Being a veteran math teacher my advice to you is don't burn out....take some quality time for just, relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. Then start slowly again so you are hitting your stride to greet the new year refreshed and excited, not tired and dreading going back to the classroom. I will check back with you....wishing you well!

    3. Yeah, if I get through a fourth of this list, I'll be amazed. I've definitely been doing the resting, relaxing, and enjoying part of summer these past few weeks. Thanks for the advice, I greatly appreciate it!

  4. Love the Frameworks of Poverty. I used to do the Aha! training in my district. Very powerful. I can't wait to pick up some of the other books that you have recommended. Thanks

    1. I'm looking forward to reading it. I heard some other teachers on our staff development committee talking about it, and I knew I had to order it.