Math = Love: Summer

Thursday, May 16, 2013


My list of things I want to accomplish this summer is filling up fast. 

* OCTM (Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Conference - 1 day
* OGAP (Oklahoma Geometry and Algebra Project) - 5 days
* Pre-AP High School Math Workshop - 4 days
* AP Statistics Summer Institute - 4 days

And, those are only the conferences I plan on attending.  I'll be directing my church's Vacation Bible School for the second year.  And, I'll be taking a group of 3rd-6th graders to church camp for a week this summer.

Other to-do items:

* Decorate Classroom
* Create Algebra 1 Curriculum Map
* Create Algebra 2 Curriculum Map
* Algebra 2 INB Ideas
* Plan Statistics Curriculum (New Prep!)
* Decide if I want my statistics students to keep a notebook
* Start Common Core Transition Process (The OGAP Project will help a lot with this!)
* Come up with a better process for word walls for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2
* Create a classroom management plan that I can actually stick with
* Find a method to assign student jobs for next year
* Catch up on blogging and responding to comments/e-mails
* Write bylaws for Student Council
* Create community service requirements for NHS
* Plan staff development opportunities for 2013-2014
* Fully implement my new filing system

My new filing system.  I love it!

My label maker and I are becoming very close. :)

Then, I have my summer reading list to conquer.


  1. Will you be attending the June or July OGAP conference?

    1. I'm attending the June conference in Edmond.

  2. I am also attending the June Conference in Edmond. Myself and another math teacher at my district are going to attempt to implement interactive notebooks next year. Would love to meet up with you and get any advice that you have! :) (My name is Ashley Rink - a little hard to tell from my username.)

    1. Yay! I'll definitely be seeking you out because I don't know anyone else who is going. And, I love, love, love talking about interactive notebooks. I'll try and remember to bring some examples of my students' notebooks to share with you!

    2. Oh, that would be amazing! Thanks so much. I'll see you in a couple of weeks!