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Friday, June 7, 2013

Algebra 1 Advice

Last month, I posted excerpts from the letters written by my Algebra 2 students to future Algebra 2 students.  Today, I'm going to do the same with my Algebra 1 students.

Here are my takeaways.  I need to manage my classroom better.  I used to think that classroom management just meant that I didn't let my class get out of control.  But, there has to more to it than that.  I too often end up taking my frustration with one student out on my other students.  And, my students don't deserve that.  I was happy to read lots of good comments about our interactive notebooks.  Even though they are a lot of work, they are worth continuing next year.  I may not have made my students love math, but I do think I taught them that algebra is do-able.  I showed them that they could conquer something that others deemed too hard or impossible.  My students learned more math than most thought possible.

This year was a success, and next year will be even better.  I can't wait to see my Algebra 1 students conquer Geometry next year.  I'm kind of sad that I won't be teaching them, but I think they know that I will be there to help them and cheer them on throughout the process.  And, before I know it, they'll be back with me again for Algebra 2.       

Algebra 1 Advice from My Students  

"You will not like the notebook, but it will help you in the long road."'

"Always use algebraic terms when talking to Ms. Hagan."

"Never guess "C" on anything, it rarely works."

"Next year, when you are introduced to Algebra 1, it will all look confusing.  But I promise you, if you just pay attention and follow directions, you will be just fine.  The most important thing is PAY ATTENTION.  If you pay attention, it will be an easy class; if not, it will be your hardest class."

"I'm not going to lie, algebra is not that easy, but you can make it easy as long as you pay attention.  Ms. Hagan makes learning math fun and easy but if you don't like doing the work and want to get rude, disrespectful then get ready for the worst year of your life.  Ms. Hagan doesn't play around when it comes to making sure you get your work done and turned in.  By the way, I don't care how tired or bored you are always get your work done." 

"Don't get on Hagan's bad side or she'll get upset and yell at you and be all butt hurt for the rest of the day so be good and learn, its not that hard.  She's actually a super duper teacher.  You get to play games a lot!  It's like third grade in here but we actually learn stuff we're supposed to. AND WE COLOR! (sometimes)...(like at the beginning of the year...)" 

"You will have fun in this class if you do all your work and do not talk.  Well you need to make fun of her sometimes but don't get in trouble so don't do it on her bad days." 

"Always do what she tells you to do.  No matter how ridiculous it sounds." 

"Ms. Hagan's class is the easiest class I've ever done.  It's fun and makes Algebra easy.  But, if she tells you that she thinks something's fun?  Don't believe her!  It's a trap!" 

"Shut your mouth and listen in this class or you will get in trouble!  Miss Hagan is super mean!  Her work is easy but the test is not!" 

"This class may seem difficult at first, just keep trying.  This is the first year that I have ever had an A in math.  Keep up with your notebook, be nice to the teacher, and don't mention [the science teacher]!  Pay attention as much as you can, if you need help Ms. Hagan will help you." 

"My advice to you in Ms. Hagan's class next year is to steal all her candy in her drawer, make up the work you miss, and be LOUD.  Always do your homework and pay attention.  Listen to your teachers and behave unlike me!  Eat lunch with Ms. Hagan and give her your apple and milk and you'll have lots of brownie points."

"If you are coming into Ms. Hagan's class please be nice.  She is very sweet to most people.  She doesn't get mad very easily unless you are goofing off and not doing your work."

"The thing I liked most about Ms. Hagan's class was doing the notebooks.  They actually help a lot with papers.  If you study the notebook before the test, it's very helpful."

"Dude you may not like the class at first, but it is easy at first, but along the way it gets tougher." 

"Don't argue with Ms. Hagan because she will send you to the office."  

"Dear Random Student who is being forced to take a class, Just turn in your assignments even if you don't have it completely finished because ANYTHING is better than a zero.  Also feel lucky if you get Ms. Hagan as a teacher, she is an amazing teacher that helps people understand math better."

"My advice to you is to always, always, always pay attention.  Try to be here as often as possible.  PAY ATTENTION!!!  I's not hard if you pay attention and are here as much as possible.  Don't be afraid to ask for help if you don't understand how to do something.  She always explains things to you, and gives you shortcuts." 

"There are many terms that seem very confusing at first but if you listen you will understand it and it will be a lot easier."

"I know algebra looks hard, but do not fear, it is easier than you think.  Always listen to Ms. Hagan because once she explains how to do something, it's so much easier to do."

"Make sure to do all of your work and pay attention in class don't get on Ms. Hagan's bad side.  If you pay attention you will do good on your EOI." 

"Make sure to do all your work and don't mess around in her claws.  When you are doing your work always try your hardest in her class.  If you pay attention and listen she is a real good Algebra 1 teacher.  A lot of her work is hard but you understand it after a while."

"All I got to say is that you brace yourself for a lot of info and be sure to bring a notebook so you can take all the notes."

"Keep your grade up and do what Ms. Hagan tells you to do.  Never get on her bad side.  Do all of your work and don't get behind.  Come to class every day ready to work because Ms. Hagan never will give you guys a free day.  Don't play around and do not laugh in her class because she gets really mad and will send you out.  Do your own work so you can pass the EOI at the end of the year.  Ms. Hagan is really easy to get a long with as long as you do what she says."

"Algebra 1 is very easy if you just pay attention to class and it is sometimes fun, but at times you have to get serious and do your work." 

"Do not under no circumstances do not fall behind.  Remember everything you get told."

"Algebra is a very fun, creative class and you do a lot of fun stuff...Always show up to class on time and be ready to work hard."

"You will have lots of work, but it easy and funny.  It's never boring in this class.  You also need to be told about Ms. Hagan.  She nice but don't disrespect her. 

"You will be doing a lot of coloring and glueing.  This class may just be the easiest class you will have all through high school."

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  1. It sounds as if they really learned a lot, and that they respect you:). Don't feel too bad about the classroom management, it looks like you have that under control - that is the hardest part and it gets (only slightly) easier every year. You seem to be doing awesome things with your students!