Math = Love: Classroom Pictures 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Classroom Pictures 2013

I finally got around to taking pictures of my completed classroom for the 2013-2014 school year.  If you've seen my pictures from last year, you will notice many of the same elements in different places.  I tried to reuse as much of last year's stuff as possible while still creating all new bulletin board designs.

My goal for my classroom is for it to be welcoming, colorful, and organized.  One of my students from last year came by to visit earlier this week.  When she walked into my room, she exclaimed, "You redid your room!  And you made it even MORE colorful.  I didn't even think that was possible!"

Warning - This post is FULL of pictures.  So, it may take quite a while to load!

My Problem Solving Posters from last year have found a new home underneath my Smart Board!
You can download these posters here

This bulletin board is right outside my classroom door.  The poster at the top is from the dollar section at Target!

I reused my door decoration from last year, but I added a cute polka-dot border window cling that I found at Dollar Tree.  You can download the door decoration here

The Wall of Pride is based on a photo I saw on pinterest.  The idea behind this bulletin board is that students are allowed to post anything that they are proud of.  Last year, I had lots of students bring me pictures they had drawn.  This year, I wanted to have a designated place to hang these.  And, I'm hoping that students will post other things that they are proud of as well.  

Of course, my room would not be complete without my University of Tulsa flag!  

Aren't these the cutest hall passes?  And, they're MAGNETIC!  

The special education teacher gave me this poster to post daily homework assignments on.  I definitely need to find different magnets to hang this because it falls down multiple times a day...

I'm pretty excited about this pink cart!  I picked it up at a yard sale this summer for $10.00.  If you look closely, you will see that it still has the labels from the previous owner.  I haven't exactly got around to changing them yet.  This cart holds notebook paper, graph paper, protractors, bingo chips, index cards, and other random stuff that needs a home in my classroom.  

I also picked up these two basketball net shaped trashcans this summer.  My students were very quick to notice these and get excited!   
Mini-Trash Cans to use when we are cutting lots of little things out.  I'm hoping that if I set these on the tables, students will throw their trash in these instead of the floor.  

I'm trying out a new system for absent work this year. Blog post to follow!  

Handy Dandy Magnetic Holders for My Dry Erase Board

New and Improved Dry Erase Grid.  I did a terrible job of keeping last year's grid updated.  I'm hoping that since this one has less information, I will be more apt to change it on a daily basis.  

Every day, I write the date as a math problem.  My students HATE this.  This year, I am also posting a holiday each day.  I found an Internet site that lists all of the crazy, wacky holidays and what day they are on.  So, each day, I pick the most interesting one and post it for my students.  I'm still not sure how many students have actually noticed this.  I have had a few conversations with students who were extremely confused about why the board said "Sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor's porch" day.  

For the Quote of the Week, I am using quotes I have already printed and laminated!  These quotes are stored in the back of my absent work box for easy access.  I've learned that there are never enough hours to get everything done in your classroom so it is important to make things as easy as possible on yourself.  

Right Hand Wall Upon Entering - Number Line Posters; Common Core I Can Statement Posters; Math Posters

I downloaded and printed these great posters of the Standards of Mathematical Practice in kid-friendly language from Everybody is a Genius

Supply Table at Back of Classroom with Wire Organizer

Mini Dry Erase Boards - These are the most used item in my classroom!

Dry Erase Markers and Erasers (The foam hair rollers work remarkably well!)  

Glue Sticks and Scissors

Highlighters and Markers


A box of colored pencils for each set of desks

Pascal's Triangle Bulletin Board - Last year, my college algebra students searched for patterns in Pascal's Triangle and attempted to design their own triangle.  I laminated their results.  

Truth Signs - Download here

Bookshelf at Back of Classroom

Filing Cabinets

The Window of Calculators

Projects from last year that I couldn't bear to throw away

My Wall of Windows

My Mom started this plant for me.  I wonder how long it will take me to kill it???  Let's just say gardening and plant-tending is not one of my skills.  

Assignment Turn In Tray

One of the free posters I got in the mail this summer

More Math Posters 
Calculators Bulletin Board

My Growing Collection of Mathematical Toys

Welcome Sign Above Smart Board (And a reminder of which way is left and which way is right...)

Star Students Bulletin Board - Students will have their name written on a star if they score an 85 percent or above on a chapter test.  Their name will remain up there until their next chapter test . 

View of Classroom from Door

View of Classroom from Desk

View from Front of Classroom


  1. These are inspiring pictures. My class room is much smaller than this but i believe i can snag many of your setup ideas. I'll grab the out of pocket materials from

  2. This gets me excited about getting back into my classroom - we're not allowed back in them until next Thursday. I can't wait to rearrange and decorate. Also, I LOVE that you write the date as a math problem; I'm going to have to borrow that idea.

  3. What is the website where you found the crazy, wacky holidays? I absolutely love your blog!! I look forward to reading it daily. Confession- I have already stolen several ideas and have received a lot of good remarks on them from my coworkers (I do tell them where the ideas came from). I can only wish I was this creative.

  4. I love bright colors, too!!!!!!!! :) And I'm teaching math for the 1st time this year-6th grade-so I might stalk you. I mean your blog of course. :)


  5. Your classroom looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing and giving me some great ideas. I love your blog and look forward to your posts. Good luck with the new school year.

  6. I love that you write the date as a math problem--I'm definitely going to start doing that. Where did you get those basketball trashcans? My students love playing "trashketball" and those would be perfect!

  7. Beautiful! My favorite is the pi on the filing cabinet...gotta do that...have the numbers left over from the Die Cut alphabet from the dollar store...

    Love the date as math problem...stealing that...thanks!

    Best for a brilliant year. Did you take Jo Boaler's Stanford class? It is fabulous!

  8. Your classroom is awesome! Reminds me a lot of my favorite math teacher's room (: I recently started blogging myself - I have equal passions for math and art and I love creating things that combine the two. If you're interested, I'd love for you to check out my work: Any feedback is much appreciated!

  9. Thank you for your blog and wonderful ideas.

  10. I like all your ideas, great job.