Math = Love: NAGS Foldable for Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook

Friday, August 16, 2013

NAGS Foldable for Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook

This year, I am taking an entirely different approach to Algebra 2 than last year.  Last year, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into with teaching Algebra 2.  I tried following the curriculum as laid out by the textbook, but it did not meet my needs or my students' needs.  I ended up drastically deviating from the textbook, but the course felt unorganized.  We covered everything we needed for the end of instruction exam, but I was stressed.  And, when I'm stressed, my kids start to get stressed.  That is not a good thing.  My Algebra 2 interactive notebook last year was pitiful.  I didn't spend as much time on it as I should have.

This year, I am writing my own Algebra 2 curriculum to meet the unique needs of the students at my school, and I am really focusing on doing a good job on the interactive notebook pages for Algebra 2.

Here are the first entries in our Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook:

Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook Entry on Multiple Representations of Relations - NAGS
 The purpose of this foldable is to review the different ways to represent relations.  Many of my Algebra 2 students barely passed Algebra 1.  Others have not had math for a couple of years.  My plan for this year is to build the idea of a function in the first unit.  We will discuss the requirements a relation must meet to be a function.  We will learn how to find the intercepts, domain and range, increasing and decreasing intervals, etc.  We will find inverses.  And, we will practice transforming functions.

Once students have an overview of functions, we will discuss each specific type of function in depth.  I plan on progressing from linear functions to exponential functions to quadratic functions to radical functions to rational functions.  Somewhere in there, I will need to throw in absolute value functions and logarithmic functions.  Let's just say I have a lot of planning ahead of me.

Right Hand Page - NAGS Foldable

NAGS is an acronym to remember the four different ways to represent a relation.
N - Numerically
A - Algebraically
G - Graphically
S - Sentence (Verbally)  

Numerical representations include ordered pairs and a table.  Graphical representations include a coordinate plane and mapping diagrams.  

Inside of NAGS Foldable

Left Hand Page - NAGS Chart to be Completed for Homework
Download files here


  1. Hi Sarah - Love your foldable! I am teaching Algebra 2 for the first time - looking forward to sharing ideas. Our district has mapped out the topics ... Overview of Functions, Linear Functions/systems, Absolute Value, and Quadratics before the winter holiday. Then we pick up Square Root, Rational, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions ... and finish up with a unit on Conics. Sounds ambitious :) looking forward to the journey! Check out my reflection at or my daily progress at

    1. Thanks, Beth! I enjoy keeping up with both of your blogs!

    2. Thanks, Beth! I enjoy keeping up with both of your blogs!

  2. Thanks for all your help Sarah! I have hooked up with statteacher.blogspot and she also has some cool ideas. Just found out our school is real big into 'packets'. They copy and pass out the notes, worksheets, and homework all in one unit packet. I am really not used to this type of teaching and I am trying to figure out how to incorporate ISNs into that practice. However I am loving reading about your journey. Makes me feel I am not alone in my craziness.

    1. Have you figured out how to incorporate ISNs with the packet culture? Just curious...

  3. I can't ever find your files that's embedded below

    1. Hi Karen, do you have Shockwave/Flash installed on your computer? I think you have to have that installed in order to be able to view the embedded files.

      You can always send me an e-mail at mathequalslove (at) gmail (dot) com, and I will be happy to e-mail you the files.

      Thanks for reading my blog!

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