Math = Love: A Mathematical Breakfast

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Mathematical Breakfast

This week, I've been going through all of the pictures that are on my computer.  I know there are a ton of things I've meant to blog about but haven't.  So, I'm looking for blogging inspiration in my pictures.

This summer, my sister was tasked with making pancakes while we were at church camp.  One of the other adult helpers challenged her to make a Z-shaped pancake for our smallest camper who was still in preschool.  This Z-shaped pancake for "Zachary" led to an S-shaped pancake for "Sarah."  Of course, my sister couldn't stop there.  She made me a heart-shaped pancake, a pi-shaped pancake, and a right-triangle pancake.  So, my breakfast spelled out, "Sarah loves pi."  

I don't know if the best part was hearing the 3rd-6th graders talk about how they recognized the pi symbol from their math classes or eating apple pie filling on top of my pi pancake...

Mathematical Pancakes

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