Math = Love: Halloween 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

Yes, I realize it's December.  We have successfully celebrated Thanksgiving.  My classroom has now been turned into a Winter Wonderland (pictures to come)!

But, today I'm going to blog about Halloween.  Why?  Well, I haven't blogged about it yet.  And, if I don't blog about something, I will forget about it.  To be honest, I will still forget about it.  But, if I blog, I will be reminded about it whenever I look back over old blog posts.

Warning: There isn't any math involved in this post.  We didn't do any cool Halloween-related math projects.  We just did math and ate candy.  I still wanted to share these pictures with you, though.  

One of the students who has a locker right outside of my classroom decorated her locker for Halloween.  I would have never thought of doing this when I was in high school.  Isn't it just precious?

A Halloween Decorated Locker
I had a pumpkin full of candy to share with my students for Halloween.  We all know that teenagers do not get enough candy on Halloween.  :)  I know I ended up eating WAY more candy than I should have during the week of Halloween!  

Halloween Candy
I think my students were more excited, though, by the Halloween stickers that I offered to let them choose from.  Some of these stickers made their appearance on the locker that I showed you the picture of earlier.  High school students LOVE stickers.
Halloween Stickers
Halloween Stickers
My secret pal surprised me with a Halloween tumbler, filled with candy.

On the day after Halloween, I found a pile of candy on my desk that was left by a group of my students.  Isn't that just sweet?  (Pun definitely intended!)

Candy from My Students
Oh, and I can't forget to share pictures of the pumpkins that my students carved in their Family and Consumer Science classes.  I was very impressed by their creativity.  If I remember correctly, the green pumpkin pictured below was the winner.  Directly behind it, you will see a recreation of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball.  I had to have a student explain that one to me.  I was so confused.  This happens a lot.  I am constantly reminded just how out of touch I am with pop culture!    

Carved Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins

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