Math = Love: One day, I'll learn.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

One day, I'll learn.

One day, I'll learn.  I'll learn to always finish the word I'm writing on the Smart Board BEFORE I stop to answer a question.  This is especially important when you're determining if a relation is a function.

Yeah, I might have only wrote the first two letters of the word function before stopping to answer a student question.  When the entire class starts laughing and you haven't told a joke, it's never a good sign.

That's a tough one to recover from.  One day, I'll learn.


  1. Better than writing about the difference between commutative and ass-- what did you need?

  2. I tried to write the word notebook on the board one day and ended up with a b on the end not a k...the students thought it was HILARIOUS,

  3. Bahahaha!!!!!! That's the way to spice up math class!