Math = Love: Parts of an Expression and Translating Expressions Foldables

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Parts of an Expression and Translating Expressions Foldables

Remember the pictures I posted of my Algebra 1 INB pages over polynomials and factoring?  That was the end of our second unit of the year.  It looks like I never got around to posting the beginning of our second unit.  Oops...

Unit 2 was simply titled "Expressions."

Unit 2 Table of Contents
We started Unit 2 by writing our own definitions of some very important vocabulary words.  I got these examples/counter examples from the Kagan Cooperative Learning book for Algebra 1.  I like the process of having students reason through the examples and non-examples to write their own definitions.  However, I think I will break down the vocab and do it throughout the unit instead of trying to do all the vocab at the beginning of the unit.  I think my students will retain the vocabulary better that way.

Unit 2 Vocabulary
We created these foldables to emphasize the parts of an expression.  I stole/modified these from some foldables I found on A Sea of Math blog.

Parts of an Expression INB Page

Constant and Variable - Outside of Foldable

Constant and Variable - Inside of Foldable

Coefficient, Factors, Equivalent Expressions - Outside of Foldable

Coefficient, Factors, Equivalent Expressions - Inside of Foldable
We then moved onto translating expressions from words to math and from math to words.  This foldable was created to summarize which words go with which mathematical operations.

Translating Expressions - Outside of Foldable

Translating Expressions - Inside of Foldable
The rest of the unit included exponent rules, polynomials, and factoring.

PDF Templates to Download:

Unit Table of Contents (PDF)

Parts of an Expression Foldables (PDF)

Four Door Foldable for Translating Expressions (PDF)


  1. Thanks for taking the time to post all of these. I really like how you are doing your table of contents this year and it will be a change I make in my notebooks next year. As a fan of your blog, I am happy you have been posting so much lately!!

    1. You're welcome! I'm loving the table of contents, too. My students kept up with it way better this year than last!

  2. I love these foldables and would like to download the PDFs, but they don't seem to be linked :(

  3. Hey Sarah! Just wondering if you could post these PDFs again as they don't seem to be appearing on this page. Thanks!

    1. would you mind posting the PDFs? I love this blog!! my all time favorite!

  4. $2.50 at Teachers pay Teachers. :-(

    1. I'm not sure what you mean. I don't have any files for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.