Math = Love: Walkin' In a Winter Wonderland...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Walkin' In a Winter Wonderland...

Last year, my classroom's Christmas decorations were rather insubstantial.  I had a tree.  Okay, I had a magnetic tree.  I even put it up again this year.

Magnetic Tree on my Dry Erase Board

This year, I made some new additions.  I hung garland above my dry erase board.

Garland Around My Dry Erase Board

I hung garland over the door to my classroom.

Garland Around my Door

You cant see them that well in this picture, but I put Christmas lights around my bulletin board.  Sometimes, I plug these in and they blink.  Sometimes, I plug them in and they don't blink.  I have yet to figure them out.

Christmas Lights Around My Bulletin Board

Tiny snowflakes adorn my bulletin board of calculator posters.

Snowflakes on My Bulletin Board

Last year, my sister decided I needed a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for my classroom.  She bought me one on Christmas clearance.  My kids all in two groups.  There are the kids who have seen A Charlie Brown Christmas.  They proclaim that my tree is "cute" or "adorable."  Then, there are the kids who have never seen A Charlie Brown Christmas.  "You need a better tree."  "What's wrong with your tree?"  "You need to get some more ornaments for your tree." "I'm sorry, but that's a wimpy tree."  "Your tree has problems."  I'm pretty sure my tree is going to have a complex by the time this holiday season is over.  I love it, though.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree On My Desk

I wrapped more garland with lights around the edge of my desk.

Garland Around My Desk

I still have snowflake window clings and giant plastic snowflakes to hang, but those require a ladder to be hung.  And, I have yet to find the time to tote a ladder up the stairs and risk my life in order to bring Christmas cheer to all.  It will happen, though.

I've been playing Christmas music, too.  I just love this season!  My classroom is WAY more decorated than my house.  But, I guess this is where I spend most of my time...


  1. Your decorations look great! One year some of my class "broke in" (one of the mom's was a teacher with me) over the weekend and decorated my room complete with a pink and silver tree. It was definitely the best my room has looked :-) There are still some lights and a little silver tinsel in strategic places just because it makes me smile!