Math = Love: Basketball Homecoming 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Basketball Homecoming 2014

Last week was Homecoming Week, and I'm so thankful it's over!  Most of the work of Homecoming is carried out by our cheerleading coach and her cheerleaders.  But, there are a few responsibilities that fall on me as student council sponsor.  Homecoming T-Shirts and Spirit Week.

I already blogged about Spirit Week.  We ended up not celebrating Nerd Day due to a Snow Day.  The days with the most participation were probably Pajama Day and Spirit Day.  Very few students celebrated Crazy Hair Day.  

Homecoming T-Shirts are always one of the most stressful times of the year for me.  It always seems like there is never enough time to get the shirts designed, make sure all the names are spelled correctly in the rosters on the back of the shirts, take orders, deliver the design to the screen printing company one town over, wait for the shirts to be printed, pick up the shirts, distribute the shirts, and make sure everybody pays me for the shirts.  Homecoming shirts are the main fundraiser for Student Council.  It's a lot of work, but we usually make at least two hundred dollars.

Here is this year's design for the front.  (The back features the roster of the boys' team, girls' team, and the cheerleaders.)

Homecoming T-Shirt Design
The shirts were printed on Wednesday, and I was able to pick them up at lunch.  I planned on distributing them on Thursday for Friday's game.  Well, Thursday was a snow day which meant I had to distribute them on the day of the game.  Not fun!

Shirts, waiting to be distributed
Friday, we had a Pep Assembly in the gym to get the students excited for Homecoming.

Homecoming Pep Assembly
We also had a tug of war competition between the different grade levels.  Freshmen competed against Juniors.  Sophomores against Seniors.  The winner of each ended up competing against each other.  It ended up Freshmen (our largest class of almost 60) versus Seniors (our smallest class of under 30).  Once the seniors figured out they could not win, they decided to all let go of the rope at once so the freshmen went tumbling backwards.
Tug Of War
I decided I really should go to at least one basketball game this year.  Last year, I went to a few football games and worked the concession stand at two basketball games.  This year, I went to a few more football games and again worked the concession stand for two basketball games.  Several of my students were part of the Homecoming Court, so I stayed for the Coronation and the first game of the night.

This was my FIRST EVER basketball game!  (Working concession at a game doesn't count because you can't see the game from the concession stand...)  Our boys ended up losing 24-54, but I had a lot of fun.  Basketball is a lot easier for me to follow than football!  I definitely want to make sure I check out more games next year!
My First Basketball Game


  1. Homecomings are truly a delight and a lot of work for the people involved in organizing such event. The success of this gathering relies on the cohesiveness of both the design and names of corresponding shirts. Glad to know that the event was a success and you guys had a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

    Jennine Stalder

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