Math = Love: New Classroom Addition

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Classroom Addition

This post is going to be short and sweet.  I just had to share a picture of my new (to me) podium that has found a home in my classroom.  My mom picked it up for me at a thrift shop because she decided every teacher needs a podium in their classroom.

I haven't stood behind it and taught.  That's just not my style.  Actually, one of my 3rd period students has actually claimed it as his desk.  He sits there every single day.

The main thing I love about my podium is that it has three shelves of storage space underneath!  And, storage space is something that is definitely lacking in my classroom.  Plus, it gives me a place to set handouts and miscellaneous stuff while I'm teaching.

My New Podium! 


  1. I have a podium in my classroom for student use. Some kids just need to stand. Along with that is a balance board. The only problem is it became a teeter totter so I put it away. The podium, though, is great!

    1. You're right, some students just need to stand!

      Funny story. The other day, I gave a test to my Algebra 1 students. One of my students stood the entire time he was taking the test. He wasn't bothering anybody, so I let him. I didn't ask why he was standing. He is an athlete, so I guess I assumed that he had gotten hurt or something. About half way through the test, I noticed another one of my students had started taking his test while standing up. Weird, I thought.

      After school that day, the second student came back in my room to turn something in. "Did you notice me and so-and-so were standing up during our test?" "Yes, what was that about?" "Oh, [another student] bet him that he couldn't stand up all day." So, it turns out the student wasn't hurt. No, he was just trying to win a bet. I never did figure out why the second student started standing up...