Math = Love: Math Class Inspiration

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Math Class Inspiration

I took plenty of inspiration from the math classrooms at #edcampTULSA, too!  If you've been following along with my last few posts, you know that I took some time to photograph pictures of inspiring ideas I found in the classrooms at EdCamp.   

I found these projects posted in a calculus classroom.  I'm not sure exactly what the assignment was, though.  But, I was inspired by the color, neatness, and organization of the work.  If anyone knows what these students were solving for, please share! 

Since I'm going to be teaching trigonometry and pre-calculus next year for the first time ever, I love that these students constructed their own unit circles instead of simply filling in the values.  

Unit Circle

Who wants to bet on whether this teacher plays trashketball with his students?  

I'm totally jealous of this whiteboard presentation.  When I write on the whiteboard it looks SLOPPY.  

I also like this use of a bulletin board to organize papers.  If I only had one prep, this would be perfect.  But, I don't think I could justify using three bulletin boards for my three preps.  Still, I'm always on the lookout for ways to become more organized.  Trust me; I need it! 

Bulletin Board with Folders for Organization

I think these two mini posters are beautiful!  It would be fun to have students create one of these at the end of the year with all the things they deemed important from that course.  Then, you could post them at the beginning of the next year to show students all that they were going to learn!  

Trig Art

Calculus Art

In one classroom, the teacher had taken quotes and wrapped them around the ENTIRE room.  I only took pictures of two of the quotes, but they covered the other walls as well.  

Hang quotes around classroom

Math Quotes

Making an Ins"pi"re poster or wall-hanging for my classroom is definitely going on my summer to-do list!  One of the perks of working in an ancient building is that we have really high ceilings.  So, I'm thinking I want to orient the words vertically.  

(I also probably need to designate a lost and found place in my classroom as well!)

Ins"pi"re Wall Hanging

My favorite part was probably the pi symbol that featured the first so many digits of pi. This will go perfectly with my pi filing cabinet! 

Pi Section of Wall Hanging

This ball with radian and angle measurements will definitely be making an appearance in my trig class next year!  I can only guess what the teacher used it for.  I'm picturing my students in a circle.  They toss the ball from one to another.  If their right thumb lands on a radian measurement, they must convert it to degrees.  If their right thumb lands on a measurement in degrees, they must convert it to radians.  If they cannot do it correctly in the allotted time, they are out.  I could also see tossing the ball around the room to generate random trig problems.

Does anybody use something like this in their classroom?  I'd love to hear about it! 

Radian and Degree Measurements Ball for Trig

I also can't wait to make paper plate unit circles in trig next year!  Can you tell that I'm super excited about teaching trig?!?  

Paper Plate Unit Circle


  1. I love the trig art/calc art, and really like your idea of having the kids do these at the end of the year to use as a preview for next year's students. These would be great to display during Meet the Teacher Night.

    1. I love the idea of posting these for Meet the Teacher Night!

    2. Here's a cool way to introduce trig. Have kids cut out a right triangle, measure the sides, calculate the ratios, cut it down to make a similar triangle, repeat... see the ratios are the same. Point out they would change if the angle were to change. Name the ratio as a trig function based on one angle, and a different trig function based on the other angle in the triangle.

    3. Nice! Thanks for sharing. I will keep this in mind for the next time I teach trig. I love hands-on activities like this!