Math = Love: STEM Day 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

STEM Day 2014

The day before Spring Break, I had the privilege of taking a group of students to STEM Day, a morning of science, math, and engineering competitions at Central Tech, our local regional technology center.  This was my first year to attend because I ended up having to miss it last year due to the stomach bug.  

STEM Day Registration

There were written math tests in Middle School Math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Advanced Math.  Students could also enter a Paper Airplane Competition, Scientific Problem Solving Competition, or Ping Pong Launcher Competition.


Almost 800 students were in attendance!

Just a small portion of the students in attendance

Tables were set up by local colleges and groups to entertain the students who were not competing at the moment.

There were dry ice cheese balls that I did not try.  It was fun to watch kids try to eat them with their mouths open to let the steam escape!  

Frozen Cheese Balls

Students could try their hand at operating a robotic arm.  It was harder than it looked!

Robotic Arm Trainer

Robotic cars were on display.

Robotic Car

This Vortex Cannon could shoot smoke rings across the room.  Very cool! 
Vortex Cannon

I'm not sure what this was called, but students stood on a special plate and touched the large ball while it charged.  Then, if they placed their hand near the small ball, it would force it to move.  

Here are some of the airplanes that my students ended up creating for the paper airplane contest.  Students were given 10 minutes to create an airplane out of 3-20 sheets of paper and 3 paper clips.  Students were not allowed to cut or tear the paper in any way.  
Paper Airplane Competition

Paper Airplane Competition

Mini rockets were constructed out of straws and paper.

Straw Rockets

All in all, it was a fun and informative morning.  Only one student ended up taking home a medal, but I'm thankful that my students were able to have this experience.  As a school that offers very little in the way of upper level math and science courses, this may be the only exposure that some of my students get to the world of STEM.  Plus, it was a great way for my students to see the opportunities they have to explore STEM careers through our local tech center.  

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