Math = Love: Things Teenagers Say - Volume 10

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Things Teenagers Say - Volume 10

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What starts with an m, ends with an h, and makes children cry?  

One of my Algebra 2 students came up with this joke on his own.  I didn't find it very amusing, but I could tell by the laughing that the rest of my class could relate.  If I remember correctly, this was said on our first day of polynomial long division...


Mentally, I'm in the 2020's.  But, physically, I'm in 2014.


I killed the cat, and I don't know how to fix it.  Help!


You've got to follow the rule of math: Please excuse my something something something.


My graph is so cute!  

Best thing to hear from a student during a test!


My arteries hurt because of you.


Some of my ellipses look like drunken, squished soldiers.


You're weird, Ms. Hagan.  But, that's okay.  I love weird teachers.  Weird teachers are more fun.


Can you smell the number nine?

Yes, yes I can.  Now what did I just agree to?!?


Student: It smells like burning wood in here.
Me: What?
Student: Sometimes I set pencils on fire in my bedroom, and your classroom smells exactly like that.

I don't even want to know!


Me: I need a week off.
Student: Why?  So you can spend it with your cats?

And, for the record, I still don't own a single cat.  I have no clue where my students got the idea that I'm a crazy cat lady!  


Tomorrow, I'm going to have the X-Box flu.

So, that's what they call it nowadays when your parents call you in sick when you're not...


Me: What does the word linear remind you of?
Student: My mom.
Me: Why would the word linear make you think of your mom?
Student: My mom gave birth to me.  Everything makes me think of her.


Somewhere along the way, I started putting lines through my z's without realizing it.

Another convert.  I started putting lines through my z's because of my 8th grade Algebra 1 teacher.  Now, students are putting lines through their z's because of me!  


Student: I was explaining the quadratic formula to my family.
Me: Oh, and what did they think?
Student: Their brains were hurting just like mine.


  1. I have an addition to your "Things Teenagers Say" :

    I switched to INB's midyear and the kids are doing much better! We were adding "The Adventures of Slope Dude" foldable and one student said:

    "How am I going to get this long strip of paper to fit?"
    I said: it's a Foldable - look at how I did it.
    Student: "That's awesome! I need my whole life to be foldables so everything fits in nice."

    I immediately thought of you and had to share! THanks for the foldables! (and btw the kids LOVED slope dude today :)

    1. I LOVE this! I need my life to be in foldables, too! :)

      And, I'm glad that your students loved slope dude. He is an absolute favorite among my students!