Math = Love: A Peek Inside My Students' Algebra 2 Interactive Notebooks

Monday, May 5, 2014

A Peek Inside My Students' Algebra 2 Interactive Notebooks

The other day, as I was grading notebooks, I realized that I only ever show you what my teacher copy of the interactive notebook looks like.  Some of my students do an awesome job of keeping up their interactive notebooks.  They add extra notes to help themselves remember things.  Other students do not do such a great job with their notebooks.  They include the bare minimum.  And, often, that is only after my repeated prompting.

So, today, I'm going to share some random pictures I took from student notebooks while grading.  Enjoy!

I haven't blogged about it yet, but I used algebra tiles to help students understand what we were doing when we completed the square.  This student drew the algebra tiles on the side of their page to remind themselves of this process.  This was not required.  Awesome!  

Student-Made Parabola

I titled the page "The Discriminant is our Friend."  This student took a bit of literary license when titling their own page!

Student Created Concept Map

3 Things Learned during Exponential Growth and Decay of Skittles Lab

Another Parabola

This student added the lyrics of the quadratic formula song to their notes.  

Colorful Discriminant Foldable

I like that this student added reminders of the greater than and less than symbols to their notes.  I love that they recognized that this is something they struggle with, and they did something about it! 

I told students that they absolutely had to memorize how to find the vertex and opening direction of a parabola.  I like that this student marked the important things to remember in their notes!

One day, we were practicing graphing quadratics in various forms.  I intended for this practice to be done on dry erase boards.  But, one student asked for graph paper so that she could keep these practice problems in her notebook.  I had some small graphs left over from an Algebra 1 activity, so she stapled these together and glued the practice problems in her notebook.  How awesome is that ?!?

This student cut down their table of contents to be the perfect size.  Whatever works...

Here are some more deconstructed notes by the same student.

Deconstructed Foldable

This same student dislikes the Frayer Model.  She wants her notes to go down the page.  I told her that as long as she had all of the necessary information in her notebook, I would be happy.  

Matting your Notes

Prime and Composite Numbers - Color With A Purpose! 

3 Things I Learned Today 

First Page in Student Notebook
So, there you have it.  That was just a brief peek into what my students' notes actually look like!


  1. 3 does not equal 27, 8 does not equal 3 and 1000 does not equal 5 in your students log notes.

    1. Yes, that student overdid it a little with the equal signs.

  2. your blog is amazing! thanks so much for sharing!!