Math = Love: Answers That Make Me Shake My Head

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Answers That Make Me Shake My Head

As the school year winds down, the attention and care that students give to their work decreases.  These are some pictures of actual answers I found on homework during the last week of school

Do you ask your students to put the date on their assignments?  Me too!  This student took my date request a little differently than I intended.

I'm relieved to know that "we're just friends," and my student doesn't want to date me!  Phew!

Okay, this one isn't an answer, but a drawing below an answer.  Let's play a game.  What's wrong with this picture?

As part of the OGAP workshop I attended last summer and will attend this summer, I had to administer a pre- and post-test to my students.  My students are done with their EOIs, and they knew I wasn't going to be giving them a grade for this post-test based on accuracy.  (This is our last year with our old standards, and this test is based on the new CCSS.  Therefore, many of the questions covered things that are not currently included in our Algebra 2 class.)  That shows in their answers!  

Complex fraction woes.

Rewriting the problem makes it look like you did something. 

Apparently, people like red cars. 

My least favorite three letters in the world: IDK. 

Light years and incorrect grammar.  Oh my! 

When all else fails, write random words in the answer blanks. 

Or, draw a picture of your heartbeat upon seeing the problem.

I'm so thankful that it is practically summer!  My students need a break, and I need a break, too!


  1. This is outright comedy! The date-your-teacher and heartbeat joke take the cake!

  2. hahaha. This is outrageous! ...I'm curious, do you even say something to the class or these students, or is it too late in the school year to bother with caring??! : ]
    Smack Dab in the Middle

    1. We put so much emphasis on state testing that my students think the year is over when state testing is over. I'm not sure how to change that...

  3. The backwards Oklahoma is money :D