Math = Love: Roses, Beautiful Roses

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Roses, Beautiful Roses

So, I realize yesterday's post didn't have anything to do with math.  Today's doesn't either.  Sorry!  I have tons of lessons from this year that I still haven't blogged about like cup stacking and barbie bungee and the function game and icosahedron ornament balls and pascal's triangle and factoring and the quadratic formula and pi day and oil and natural gas math problems and tic tac toe and completing the square and complex numbers and systems of equations and slope and sampling distributions and the list goes on and on.  I guess I need to get busy and get blogging!

But, today we're going to look at pretty pictures of roses at the Tulsa Rose Garden because it's summer, I love flowers, and this post is a lot easier to write than the posts I've been putting off for months.  Hello, Sarah, do you realize that Pi Day was in March and it's now almost June?!?!  As long as I blog about it before next Pi Day, I'll be okay, right?

So, last weekend, I met up with my friend Haley for dinner.  We did our student teaching at the same time, and I was part of the student teaching support group that Haley formed to help save our sanity.  She teaches English in a district that is a couple of hours away from me.  But, we still get together every couple of months to hang out and share classroom and life experiences.  After a yummy dinner at Genghis Grill, we hopped in the car and just started driving.  We drove by the Tulsa Rose Garden and decided to stop and walk around and take lots of pictures.

I'd never been to the Rose Garden before.  Honestly, I didn't even know Tulsa had a Rose Garden.  And, I've lived within 40 miles of Tulsa my entire life. I even lived in Tulsa for four years.  According to Google Maps, I lived 2.6 miles away from the Rose Garden for four years and didn't even know it was there.  How sad is that?

According to some Internet research, the garden is made up of five separate terraces, and it was constructed as a WPA project in 1934-1935 using only hand labor and teams of horses!  The garden normally features 5,000 rose bushes.  But, they are currently experiencing a disease in the garden, and at least one of the terraces was completely empty of roses.  It was still beautiful, though!

There were tons of people out taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful blooms.  Here is just a sampling of the pictures I took at the park.  So, take a break from what you're doing, and enjoy some beautiful blooms.  I only wish that you could smell their beautiful fragrance, too!    


  1. You still have a second chance to talk about pi: Tau Day is 6/28!

    1. Ha ha :) I like the way you think! (And, I just checked out your blog and etsy store. Your work is beautiful!)