Math = Love: Things Teenagers Say Volume 12

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Things Teenagers Say Volume 12

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This year, I've recorded a ton of funny things that students have said in my classroom.  Several of you have told me that my Things Teenagers Say posts are your favorite posts to read.  They're one of my favorite posts to write, too.

My students keep me on my toes 24/7!  I just never know what crazy things are going to come out of their mouths next!  I started off the year keeping by writing these funny (and sometimes profound) statements on post-it notes and sticking them in my jar.  

Jar of Classroom Memories, Funny Conversations, etc.

I soon outgrew my jar and had to start storing my post-it notes in my overflow location - a ziplock bag in my desk drawer.

Student: Man!  It's really going to suck when you get married!
Me: Why?
Student: Your name is going to change, and you won't be able to use your name plaque anymore.
Me: True, but...
Student: You should tell the guy that you won't marry him unless he agrees to buy you a new one!


Me: So, does anybody have any suggestions for dress-up days during Sprit Week?
Student: We should definitely do birthday suit day.
Me: No.  I don't think so.  I'm going to have to use my veto power on that suggestion.


Yay!  I can use my journal today!


Ms. Hagan, I know what we should do today.  We should find the end of pi.


I know a way we can remember what mode means.  Most Often Digit Ever.


Oh, you're wearing tights.  I wondered why your ankles were so wrinkly.


Student: What type of car do you drive?
Me: A Ford Taurus.  Why?
Student: So, that's not your Smart Car parked in front of the school?
Me: Nope.  That's not my car.
Student: Oh, I really thought that was your car when I saw it.
Me: Do I seem like the type of person who would drive a Smart Car?
Student: Yes!  I can totally see you pimping out your Smart Car to be a math car.
Me: Oh really?
Student: You would probably make it so your brake lights looked like plus signs.  


That video replays in my head over and over and over.  I won't even be thinking about math, and I can just see that guy skiing.

Slope Dude for the win!


When I play with Barbie dolls, it gets my day going!

This student really, really, really enjoyed our Barbie Bungee project!


Me: Who can tell me the most specific set of numbers that 2 belongs to?  
Student: Isn't 2 a normal number?
Me: Think about the sets of numbers that we have learned about.  None of them were called normal numbers.
Student: I remember now!  2 is a solid number!


Student: Could you please call me Crisco today?
Me: Why?
Student: Well, the board says it's Get A New Name Day.  And, I want my new name to be Crisco.

By the end of the class period, the majority of my third period had adopted new names.  That day, I taught Pablo, Chico, Jose, Crisco, Gary, Leonardo, Jade, and Sky in addition to my regularly named students.  Every time I would call on a student, I would have to really concentrate on remembering to call them by their new name.  When I would accidentally call a student by their actual name, they would get very, very angry at me.  They take our celebration of crazy holidays very seriously.  


Student: I think I'm going to become a vegetarian!
Me: Oh, what brought this change on?
Student: Well, I've been watching you all year, and you haven't been sick once!


  1. These are my favorite. I can relate every time.
    BTW, did I catch that you are a vegetarian? or was that wishful thinking? :)

    1. I am a vegetarian! My mom went vegetarian in the mid-80s, so I was kinda born into it. Here in Oklahoma, I'm a definite rarity. I think I'm the first vegetarian that most of my students have ever met. They are always peppering me with the most random questions. Are you allowed to eat potato chips? Pizza? One day, a student couldn't understand why I wouldn't eat chicken. She didn't realize that chicken was meat...