Math = Love: Algebra Aerobics Stick Figures Download

Friday, July 11, 2014

Algebra Aerobics Stick Figures Download

So, today's post is most definitely not my own creation.  I posted the link to this file on twitter last week, but because my own tweeting/tweet reading is so sporadic, I know how easy it can be to miss seeing a resource!  So, I thought I'd post it here on my blog, too.

This is a free resource provided by  The OKMath website has a pdf file you can download of 15 different full page stick figure equations.  

Here's y=x.  Check out the link above to see the others.

What could you do with these in your classroom?


  1. I love them! I think any opportunity to have students model academic content with physical actions helps them understand and remember. I still remember using hand motions to describe mitosis and meiosis in high school biology! Wish I could find a way to use these guys in teaching German...

    1. Completely agree! We played Simon Says with the different types of slope last year. Maybe we could do Parent Function Simon Says this year in Alg 2...

      As for using these in German, I'm all out of ideas. :)

  2. these are GREAT!!! I am sharing these with our Algebra teacher!
    THANK YOU!!!

    Hodges Herald

    1. Yes, please share! I thought all math teachers should have access to them - not just Oklahoma math teachers!

  3. Hi!

    Here is an interactive version made with GeoGebra:

    Best regards!

  4. Hi! Here is an interactive version made with GeoGebra:

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