Math = Love: #EduRead Growth Mindset Posters

Thursday, July 10, 2014

#EduRead Growth Mindset Posters

Knowledge of my poster making obsession is becoming wide spread.  :)  Last night, while lurking on the #EduRead chat, there was a mention of some growth mindset quotes that deserved posters.  In an effort to procrastinate on what I was working on, I made that happen.  I posted the link to the files last night on twitter, but I thought I'd post them here on my blog, too!

I love this quote.  Fast learning is not always the best and deepest.  I have a tendency to praise students in my classroom for answering quickly and correctly.  If I truly want to instill a growth mindset in my students, I need to change how I praise my students.  

I need to praise process, not answers or achievement.  I need to praise effort, not speed.      

Download these files here.

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