Math = Love: My Favorite YouTube Videos to Show in Math Class

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Favorite YouTube Videos to Show in Math Class

I'm cleaning out my drafts folder in blogger.  Most of my drafts are posts with titles to remind me about what I still need to write about.  Is it bad that I don't remember what some of these titles even refer to anymore?  Delete.  Delete.

Today, I want to share with you the youtube videos I have used in my math classes over the past two years.  It is my hope that I might introduce you to something you haven't seen before.  I guess these could all be individual posts, but that's not gonna happen.  As soon as school starts, I'm going to have a million and one new things to blog about.  So, I want to blog about as much of my old stuff as possible before then.

The first few videos are ones that I show on Pi Day.

(By the way - I'm not sure if these embedded youtube videos will show up if you're reading this blog post via e-mail or RSS reader.  If they don't show up, you may need to click through to my actual site to watch the videos.)

What Pi Sounds Like - Very cool musical version of pi!  My band students especially love this video.

How Pi Was Nearly Changed to 3.2 - A fun little history lesson for students on how pi was almost changed forever.

The Pi Song - Cute song that will help students start memorizing the digits of pi.

Quadratic Formula Song to Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" - Funny story.  I actually heard this version BEFORE I heard Adele's original song.  Now, any time I hear the actual song, I think of it as an adaptation.  Some of my students really enjoyed this.

y=mx+b Song - I like this short slope intercept song.  My students voted it as their least favorite of my slope songs, though.  :(

Colin Dodds - Number Types (Math Song) - I always use this video when introducing the Real Number System.  I love the organization of his graphics!

Slope Music Video (Rise Up Run Out) - This is probably my students' favorite slope song.  They begged me to play it while we were working on homework for the entire rest of the year.  Some of them went out and listened to it on their own time.  Love this song!  I have even found myself singing it in the shower...

Colin Dodds - Slope (Math Song) - Another catchy slope song from Colin Dodds.  I love his stuff!

Graph Shop - Graphing Lines Thrift Shop Parody - I think this was my favorite new math song this year.  I went and listened to the actual lyrics of Thrift Shop after this.  Not good!  One day, my students asked me if I knew who Macklemore was.  I thought he was a character on Harry Potter.  Oops...

Slope Rida - "Slope" - I always use this video in my introduction to slope.  LOVE it!

Nonagon - They Might Be Giants - I've never actually taught geometry, but I still manage to find a way to show this video to my students.  Usually it goes like this - Do you want to hear my favorite math song?  Sure!  Show this video.  For some reason, they are not as excited about it as me.  It always makes for a sad day...

Slope Dude - This post wouldn't be complete without mentioning Slope Dude.  I can't teach slope without him!  This is the video that I hope my students remember until the day they die.  A bit extreme?  Maybe.

Colin Dodds - Pythagorean Theorem (Math Song) - My first year of teaching, my 8th grade Algebra 1 students were also required to take the 8th grade state math test in addition to the Algebra 1 test.  One of the main 8th grade topics is the Pythagorean Theorem.  I used this song as a quick review of that.

Meat-A-Morphosis: An Introduction to Functions - I use this video every time I introduce functions.  The kids are outraged.  And, it leads to all kinds of fun conversations.  Most of these are centered around my decision to be a vegetarian...  But, we also talk about math, too.

Hexaflexagons by Vi Hart - I love making hexaflexagons with my students.  Vi Hart explains them way better than I ever could!

Hexaflexagon Safety Guide - After we make our own hexaflexagons, we watch this video to get some really cool decorating ideas.

Video for Combining Like Terms - This video is a little long, but it makes the perfect introduction for combining like terms.  Watch it.  You'll see why!

Flocabulary - Order of Operations Rap - My students love this order of operations rap.  Apparently, it has a "sick beat."  I guess that's a good thing???  All I know is that students were wanting to download this song on their MP3 players.  In my book, that's a win!

PEMDAS - Don't Stress! - I also love this order of operations song.  Catchy tune!

Graph! (WSHS Math Rap Song) - This was my first year to show this video during our linear equations unit.  My students enjoyed it, but it's a bit long for my taste.

Minor Notes - Slope - My students asked to watch this video one day based on YouTube's recommendation.  I agreed hesitantly.  I try to not let students watch videos I haven't pre-screened.  I made that mistake once.  A student suggested a quadratic formula video and assured me that it was school appropriate.  Then, one of the cartoon characters cut off the other character's head.  Didn't see that one coming!  I decided that anybody who would call themselves Mr. Q - U - E would have to be school appropriate.  The song was okay.  There's a lot of slope songs I like a lot better.  But, my students loved it for some reason.  I think their love might be more for the singer they deemed "handsome" than for the song...

Colin Dodds - Scientific Notation (Math Song) - Scientific notation was another one of the topics that my 8th graders were tested on that wasn't covered in Algebra 1.  They really liked this video.  It provided several opportunities to pause the song and think about the answer before continuing.

The "One Direction" Quadratic Formula Song - Here's another quadratic formula song that we listened to in Algebra 2.  It's to a One Direction song that I'm not really familiar with, but my students were plenty familiar with it.  I still prefer the Pop! Goes The Weasel version...

So - there you have it.  My favorite youtube videos to use in math class.  Do you have any favorites you don't see listed?  Share them in the comments!  I'm always on the lookout for new videos to share with my students.  There are so many of them on Youtube, it can be hard to sort through them to find quality videos.


  1. I like the Two Headed Monster when looking at the area of a triangle:

  2. Love these!

    I don't know if you'd consider this one appropriate to show in class, but at least to watch at home yourself:

    And this one is a love song about the square root of 2:

    These guys (the Two Man Gentleman Band) have proper albums out, though these are their only math-related songs, I'm pretty sure.

  3. Since I don't remember you covering trig, I guess that is why THE BEST MATH VIDEO IN THE ENTIRE WORLD is not on your list. Let's see what this video has:
    Set to Will Smith song: CHECK
    Snazzy dance moves everyone can do: CHECK
    "no hyPOtenuse!" CHECK
    "when x is down low" trick that is useful in so many other situations: CHECK
    Mr Winner: CHECK

    I know what you're thinking, "I think she may be overselling this video." Not. Possible.

    See for yourself:

  4. I love They Might Be Giants! How did I not know their Nonagon song existed? This made me very happy :)
    And the combining like terms one fits with my lesson today perfectly. Thank you!

  5. These are great, thank you!
    I use Teach me how to Factor, when introducing factoring

  6. Thank you for sharing your videos. I have a playlist on YouTube that is a hodgepodge collection of math videos I use for Algebra 1 and Calculus (now up to 91 videos thanks to you). I've added some of yours today. I've attempted to provide the link directly to my playlist, but if it doesn't work, you can search (on Youtube) "Brandy Romer math videos" and it should come up. Thanks again--I enjoy your blog.

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  8. I love the Colin Dodd songs. I am definitely showing them in class. Here is one I love for slope-intercept form. It is to the YMCA song. The kids love it!
    Go to:
    Enjoy, Jan

    1. I hadn't seen this one. Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. Love this list of videos. Allow me to add one more. I use this with my Algebra I kiddos when I start solving equations. I may do it as a reminder with my Algebra II kiddos too.

    1. Thanks! I haven't seen this one before. I love adding new videos to my list!


    Quadratic Formula song that my kids it a couple of times and they have it memorized. I am so bummed this year I won't be using it because I am doing 8th more Algebra.

  11. Yay! Another new video! Thanks for sharing, Kristin! Hope you're able to find some awesome new math songs for your 8th graders.