Math = Love: Pencil Sharpener GIVEAWAY

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pencil Sharpener GIVEAWAY

Happy Sunday!

Remember my excitement over my new pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies?  If you missed it, you simply must check out my review and overly enthusiastic youtube video.  :)  Keep reading for your chance to win a pencil sharpener of your very own!

It's time for a pencil sharpener update.  

 Good news.  We're 7 days into the school year, and the pencil sharpener is holding up marvelously.

So far, I haven't caught any of my students taking selfies with their freshly sharpened pencils, but they have been taking full advantage of the new pencil sharpener.  And, I occasionally see them admiring the perfectly sharp pencil points it produces.

One student brought in 24 pencils to sharpen in my classroom!  I think it's safe to say that he approves of the pencil sharpener!  There is a learning curve to using this pencil sharpener, but I think we're finally getting past that.  If you're wondering how this pencil sharpener could possibly have a learning curve, then you obviously didn't watch my video.  Scroll up and watch now!  

Now that we're working on interactive notebooks, the markers and colored pencils have started coming out on a daily basis.  And, I'm even more in love with the pencil sharpener now.

How is this possible?  Let's think about what normally happens when students are using colored pencils.  You're giving notes.  They're taking notes.  The color of pencil that they want to use is broken.  Instead of choosing a different color, they insist on sharpening their pencil right then.  So, they exit their seat and go to the noisy manual pencil sharpener on the wall or the even more noisy electric pencil sharpener by the electrical outlet.  You end up having to stop your lesson while the student sharpens their pencil.  If you're lucky, your students will use a handheld sharpener at their desk.  You'll be able to continue with your lesson, but the janitor will hate you because these handheld sharpeners seem to make a huge mess every single time.

I don't have my pretty, pink pencil sharpener fastened to anything, so students can take it to their desks to use.  While working on notebooks the other day, the students were passing the pencil sharpener from desk to desk as other students needed it.  And, (gasp!) they were sharpening pencils at the same time as I was talking, and it WASN'T a distraction!  This pencil sharpener really is that quiet!

Friday, one of my students looked at the pencil sharpener and remarked, "This thing needs to be emptied!"  And, he proceeded to empty my pencil sharpener for me.  I call this a win!  I knew I was going to love the fact that the pencil shaving holder was clear!

Have I sold you on the fact that you need one of these pencil sharpeners for your classroom?

I have a coupon code worth 5% off your purchase at  Enter this code at checkout: QPCCKW.  Code expires November 1, 2014!

More exciting news!  Troy has offered to give away a free pencil sharpener to one of my readers!  This contest is only open to U.S. residents.  Sorry, international readers!  The contest will run from today (8/24/14) through 12:00 AM on 9/1/14.  Find out how to enter below.  I can't wait to see who the lucky winner is!  (P.S.  You even get to pick your own color of pencil sharpener!  But, we all know you're going to pick pink so you can be just like me...)

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  1. Thanks for the chance to win!

    P.S. I did my first ever foldable with my students last week and it was AMAZING! :-)

  2. Thanks for the chance to win! In southeast MI, I along with many teachers and students, just experienced massive flooding caused by a 100 yr rainstorm and sewage failure (UGH) and although I would love to purchase this for my classroom, I figured I better wait to see what our insurance money will cover first! Maybe, I'll win! Have a great year!

    1. Oh my! That sounds like a terrible ordeal to go through! I hope your insurance company is nice to you! I'm rooting for you to win, too! :)

      Hope your school year is fabulous!

  3. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  4. I think this would be amazing for colored pencils. They're such a pain! And, yes, pink.