Math = Love: Things Teenagers Say Volume 14

Friday, August 22, 2014

Things Teenagers Say Volume 14

My students this year, especially my freshman are hilarious. I literally laugh all day long.

Here's the first edition of Things Teenagers Say 2014-2015!  All of these statements are from the first day of school.  It old you my students are funny!  

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After sharing with the class that I'm a vegetarian:

"You mean being a vegetarian is a choice and not a sickness? I thought it was a disease. Why would someone choose that?"


After hearing that I was blogging when my Algebra 2 students were taking Algebra 1 with me:

"Did you give us code names on your blog?"


After sharing with my students what type of car I drive:

Me: I don't understand why students always want to know what type of car I drive.  But, I'm going to tell you anyway.  I hope you're not going to key my car now that you know what I drive.  PLEASE don't key my car!
Student: Why would I key your car when I could steal your car?


After explaining my consequences for breaking rules which involves having your name written on the board:

"Can our twitter name go on the discipline wall so everybody can follow me?"

"So, it’s really the “Wall of Shame.”"


After reminding my students of my upcoming birthday while they were attempting to solve IQ Circle Puzzles:

"If you keep giving us hard puzzles like this to solve, there won’t be any birthday cake or presents for you."


"Ms. Hagan, is your house number 314?  Because that would be really cool if you had pi as your house number!"

"Can we write a math problem for you to put on your mailbox instead of a house number? I think that would be so cool."


A repeat Algebra 1 student excitedly asked: 

"Are we going to bungee jump with the rubber bands again?"  

I guess Barbie Bungee was a memorable experience!  The rest of the class was super confused.  


After going over my classroom rules that include "No Cursing" and "No Electronics."  If a student's phone is seen out in class and we are not doing an activity that is supposed to involve cell phones, their cell phone is taken away for the rest of the day.  

One student was worried about what would happen if they accidentally broke two of the rules at once.

"What if my ringtone has cuss words in it and I don’t know it and it goes off during class?"


Overheard while working on the IQ circle puzzle:

Student 1: "We’re cooking with butter now."
Student 2: "Actually, it’s peanut oil."


The next one made me want to cry.  

Student: "Why do you have a cursive R on the wall?"
Me: "Ummm…That’s not an r.  That's a pi symbol."
Student: "Well, it looks like a cursive R."


While waiting on everybody to sit in their seats quietly so I can dismiss the class: 

Student: "Do you have to sneeze?"
Me: No. I’m waiting for everyone to sit down and be quiet before I dismiss you.


It's funny how stories get twisted as they are told from student to student.

First words out of a student's mouth when they walk in my classroom on the first day of school:

"I hear you’re not supposed to talk in this class unless you have a monkey. Is that true?"  

This is what you get when you ask students to share random facts about themselves:

"I have 10 fingers."

"I’m a redneck." 


"I can’t wait for my last hour class. It’s Marriage. I want to marry a hot guy. I want to marry Brad Pitt."  


My sister gave me this fun desk toy.  My students are MESMERIZED by it.  

Student 1: "I’ve got my money on blue!"
Student 2: "My money's on pink."
Student 1: "If our class ends before this finishes, you’ll have to tell us who wins!"


Upon hearing my no cell phone rule:

"What if we forget our tweet during class because we’re not allowed to have our phones out? My followers depend on me!"

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