Math = Love: Beginning of Year Concept Maps 2014-2015

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Beginning of Year Concept Maps 2014-2015

This summer, I participated in OGAP for the second year.  One of the requirements for our participation is to have our students create concept maps at the beginning and end of the year.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this year's group of students' attitudes change toward math as the year progresses.

Here are some of the highlights of this year's concept maps.

I'm not sure if this student things algebra is going to be good or bad or fun or all three!

We'll be working on negatives this year a lot in Algebra 1!

Feeling flattered.  Maybe they'll learn to spell my name correctly by the end of the year :)

I told students they could write anything related to algebra including how they felt about it.  Algebra apparently ruins your life.  "It would be better if it was food."  Hmm...  Not quite sure how to respond to that one. I've got my work cut out this year with convincing this student of the amazingness of algebra!

"I like math unless I get pushed to far and yelled at."  Has this happened to them before?  So sad.  I hope students don't leave my class feeling this way.

It looks like I also have some tricks to nix this year.  KFC should be banned!

I especially like the "something I can't remeber the name of" bubble.  :)


I like that this student recognizes that homework is preparation for tests.  And, I agree.  Algebra and math are both cool.

Math = Lots of Headaches

Lots of truth in this concept map.  "Ms. Hagan don't eat meat."  Ms. Hagan has lots of signs and quotes on the wall.  Ms. Hagan has a stuffed monkey as a classroom pet.

I may have to start referring to Remind (formerly Remind101) as "Algebra Alerts."  :)

Problem solving.  Confusion.  Brain thinking.  This is what I want my classroom to be like!

INBs make an appearance.  Coloring and Drawing in Notebooks.  "Fun with Ms. Hagan."

Algebra is a sleeping aid.  And, I am nice but strange.  Thanks, student, for your honesty.

Algebra is better than geometry.

A student's take on typical word problems:

This is a student I had for Algebra 1.  Love this concept map!

"Only Ms. Hagan likes math."  I would beg to differ.

Apparently, this student really doesn't like math.

And, this is why I have banned the (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1) formula from my classroom.  I didn't teach the formula last year and the results were AMAZING.  Students I taught the formula to two years ago still can't remember how it goes... :(

Algebra "should be ILLEGAL."


  1. Love these!

    I stopped teaching the formula last year and taught DUDU for slope too. Is that what you use or do you have another method?

    Math Made Gr8

    1. What is DUDU? I'm so curious. I need to write a blog post about how I taught slope. But, I basically just used the formula "delta y over delta x." Students drew arrows on their tables and used the number line to find the change.